Friday, October 25, 2013

Etsy Extravaganza {BisforBonnie}

Today my Etsy Extravaganza goes
out to Bonnie at BisforBonnie.
Her Etsy shop is adorable.

Bonnie makes prints and all sorts of invites.
She is one talented lady and she is so sweet to work with!
I LOVE gold foil prints.
They are so fancy.

Here's a few of my favorite gold foil prints from Bonnie's Etsy shop.

She's got some seriously pretty prints
and she's offering a nice discount code to my readers.
Head on over to her Etsy shop and
receive 20% off her GOLD FOIL prints only :)
20% off?? umm yes please!!

Use the code EMILYO - that's me ;)
And receive 20% off your print.

Thank you Bonnie for partnering up with me.
Here's a few ways to link up with Bonnie!
Etsy Shop

Happy Shopping.
And have a happy weekend!

Hopeful Wandering

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