Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Adventures

This weekend was homecoming at my University
so my family came up to visit me and fill their faces
with tasty Little Rock, Arkansas cuisine ;)

It was such a good weekend.
We ate so much, it became a mini foodcation.
That Popsicle in the picture above was the best
popsicle that i have EVER had!!

The lady who owns LePops has seriously
got herself a little gold mine.
Her product is all natural, homemade.
Mine was a Raspberry ice lolly dipped in 
a dark chocolate hardshell...holy moly it was tasty!!

It was so great to see my family.
This is the last time i'll see them until graduation.
Which means i'll be headed to England 
to see Tom before i see my family again.
Which is a pretty crazy idea.

Only 23 days till i hop on that plane ;)
I'm so so so ready!!!

Hope you all have a great Monday!

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