Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Is it strange that the closer November 21st gets
the harder it is to be away from Tom.

Our short but sweet reunion is on the horizon
and i am so ready for it to be here!!!

it's been a little over three months since Tom left.
Yea...crazy, i know....
Feels like it was just yesterday that i
was making the blog world cry because
of my Tom is gone posts.

But now here we are again.
Only 28 days till i see him.
Till i see his handsome face...girly sigh!!

May 22nd of this year was when
there was only about a month left until
Tom was on his way to Texas.

Now we're in October and there
is about a month until I am headed to England.
Except a month before he got here we were busy
planning our California adventure.

This time around we're busy planning stuff like day trips to see Castles.
When we will see the Hunger Games {Catching Fire}.
Museums to visit and restaurants to eat at.
When we will get Afternoon Tea.
And for the most part just a lot
of plans to be lazy and hang out.
Which is what i look forward to the most.

I'm going to try and get Tom to write another blog post soon.
He doesn't know that yet....mwahaha...

I'm SO SO SO SO SO ready to see him!!

Come on November!!!!!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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