Tuesday, October 22, 2013

State Fair of Texas

I have been going to the State Fair of Texas
since i was a little tot beebopping around the fair grounds
probably with one of those leash things attached to me so that
I wouldnt run away...and by run away i mean 
seek shelter at the cotton candy stand.

It's one of my favorite family traditions that we do every fall.
I couldn't imagine a life where i didn't get to look
forward to the day where i could stuff my face for hours
without feeling any regret because I have been
preparing my body for this moment for months.

Corny dogs, nachos, cotton candy, tornado taters and more...
i start drooling just thinking about it!!

Two things that are iconic to the State Fair of Texas
are the Ferris Wheel and Big Tex...

Last year Big Tex burned down...
It was the most heartbreaking and terrifying thing.
My inner chile burst into tears when it happened.
But there's a new cowboy in town..Big Tex #38
or something like that ;)

But this year Fair Park had a new ride.
I'm not sure what it was called but it looked like a spaceship.
And it took you up like 400 ft and it was spinning slowly at the same time
so that you could see a 360 degree view of the Dallas Texas skyline.


We also got to see Ostrich Races.
Which was HILARIOUS..probably one of the
funniest things i have ever seen!!!

The Fair is over now, but if you're ever in Texas in October
you should stop what you're doing and head straight to fair park.
I mean they have a competition to see who can create
the best new fried food each year...
What's not to love?? ;)

Have a great tuesday!

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