Monday, October 21, 2013

One Month UNTIL Tomily reunion!!!

This past weekend was Fall Break at my University.
That meant we got a nice, relaxing three day weekend
that was seriously needed by some of us.!

So i spent a nice weekend in Texas.
We went to the state Fair, I'll post more about that tomorrow.

It was a strange visit this time around.
I realized that it would be the last time i would come home before
I graduated college, and i'll be seeing Tom again before 
I make my way back to Texas in December.

It's all just a little crazy!!
I still can't wrap my mind around everything 
that is coming in the next few months.

Seeing Tom

So much to do so little time.

And with that being said here's some exciting news.

Only 30 days till i see my main man!!
I miss him like crazy!

Seeing each other on skype isn't doing it for us anymore.
We're ready for more time together, and thankfully it's coming up quick.

Tomily round two will be here before we know it,
and that makes me veeerrryyy happy!!!

I'm so so so ready to be reunited!!
30 days is such a tease, it's so close but so far away!
This next month is going to be full of mushy gushy lovey dovey posts.
Which might have you asking...What's new Emily?

and i just can't hide it....
it's really hard not to go there ;)

have a wonderful monday everyone!!

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