Monday, November 25, 2013

Blind double date

This is day 4 in Liverpool and it's been so amazing!!
It's just exciting that i'm here, i'm back with Tom and we're 
literally right back where we were when he left America.
I think that's a good sign that we're doing something right!!

So Friday and saturday were spent lazing around the house 
just enjoying being back together and meeting his family.
Saturday night we went into town for some tea or (dinner).
We went to Pizza Express which i was SUPER excited about
because it was one of my favorite places when we were in London.

So Tom and I stood in the line that was out the door
waiting to get in and get a table, we were at the door and the
guy in front of us was holding it open when one of the hosts came over 
and asked him to shut it because the customers were getting cold.
So the guy shut it which left me and Tom out in the cold.
I was a little offended but we decided to stick it out
and wait to get in, that's when things took a strange turn.

Once we finally got inside the entrance the hostess came and asked
if there were any parties of we're like...heck yes we're a party of 2.
Then she said "ok would you mind sharing with another party of 2"
We agreed because we were under the impression that it wouldn't be 
a small intimate table, we thought it might be two small rectangular tables
pushed together, where we could sit across from our significant other
and just be close to this other couple.

But instead we were sat at a small round table with only four chair.
So literally we were going to have to eat dinner with a random couple.
It was the strangest experience, and it was awkward...we're already awkward
so that just kind of sent us into awkward overdrive.

We said a few words to them and we kind of all just realized it was
going to be strange so we just kept to ourselves mostly.
Then we ordered appetizers and they brought the other couples
appetizer and put it in front of me and asked if we all wanted plates...
So that was a bit strange...but then the food came and it was pretty nice.
It wasn't until it was time to leave that i felt the awkwardness come back
because what is the protocol when saying bye to a couple you were
forced to eat dinner with?? We just left without a word...i regret it to this day ;)

After dinner we walked around Albert Dock which is beautiful at night.

We went into the shopping area and got MILKSHAKES!!!
I have a serious love for milkshakes and when we came across
a shake place that reminded me of moo-moos in Stratford upon avon
I dragged Tom in there and bought us both delicious shakes.
It was super magical!!

On Sunday Tom had to work from 5-9 so i got the chance
to stay at his house and hang out with his family which was wonderful.
We had dinner and desert and just chatted about everything.
I felt like i was so welcome and it just made me really happy.
His family is just the sweetest people, they're hilarious too
which is perfect because i've been told i'm quite funny myself ;)

All in all it's been amazing!!

Today Tom and I are going to see the Hunger Games.
And then we're headed to a nice restaurant to meet up with his
family and have a meal together, so it's going to be a great day!!



  1. Bwahahahahaha, the double blind date is HILARIOUS, and yes, totally awkward. I mean, I can talk to a brick wall, so I think I could have made it work, but that is an awesome story to tell.

    What did you think of Catching Fire? Beau & I saw the midnight showing last week. We both LOVED it. We both thought it was better than the first--and I really liked the first one!

  2. I couldn't imagine eating dinner with a random couple. I definitely would have been so awkward. My boyfriend is a talker though, and he probably would have been getting to know those people because he's strange like that. I love that blue tree! So pretty! Ah! Catching Fire was amazing! Hope you enjoyed it too.