Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Liverpool Livin

Liverpool has seriously welcomed me with open arms.
It is now officially one of my favorite places in the world.
Partially because of that handsome fella i'm dating 
but also because it's charming and cute and historical.
AND...there is some serious shopping opportunities.

Yesterday we went to the cinema and saw the Hunger Games.
It was so much better than the first one, at least i think so.
I forced Tom to watch the first one so we could go see this one together ;)
I actually saw the first one in Paris, and now this one in Liverpool...
I'm on a International Hunger Games roll.

Then we walked around Liverpool and saw this gem.
I still haven't been back in here, but we will probably go in today!!
Is it weird that i'm obsessed with a supermarket??
I don't think so...

Today we're going to take the town by storm.
Tom is taking me shopping and to some yummy restauraunts
like Wagamama and Whats Cookin.
I'll report back on our findings.

It might be a little slow around the blog for a day or two
but i'll be back around to share all of the fun things we're up to soon!! :)

Have a great day!!

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