Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Etsy Shop NOW OPEN :)

Over the weekend I played with more
crafty ideas and ended up creating this feather Garland.
And i'm pretty much in love with it!

After making this and my Canvases
I decided i had enough products listed
so i went ahead and opened my Etsy Shop!
And i'm really excited about it!

I only have the canvases and feathers listed
as of now since i haven't had time to make anything else.
But i'm pretty confident in those items.
And as time goes on i'll hopefully create
more items to list in the shop!

This will be a fun little side job if it takes off.
Wish me luck ;)

And stop by my shop!
And buy something if you feel like it...
I won't stop you ;)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!