Monday, November 4, 2013

Tomily day 1 {Flashback}

Wednesday is Tomily's ONE YEAR Anniversary ;)

On November 6th, 2012 Tom said Hi to me :)
Actually he said more that just hi.
It was Election night and Tom was staying up
late watching the election coverage.

We talked about some of the places we've both been to
and since i was sick at the time i let him know
that my legs were hot so i thought i had leg fever...
It's a miracle he kept talking to me after a line like that.
I also told him of my extreme fear of lizards
and how badly i wanted to marry Prince Harry...

The Prince Harry Convo:
Tom I don't understand why anyone would want to marry Harry, 
I'll cross my fingers for you though haha :)
Emily -Now I never said I wanted to marry him, 
I'd rather have a normal non royal British guy haha :-) {Whoa Girl, flirt much?}
TomAh so there's a chance for us peasants then, that's good to know ;) {hehe yea there is}
EmilyAlways a chance for the peasants ;) {hook,line and sinker}

Remember....This is just day 1 of Tomily ;)

Then, during the same conversation 
I mentioned that there should be a skype date in our future.
And Tom didn't really catch that one ;)

Skype date convo:
Emily - Oh I'm completely posh I won't even lie, 
but it's a really good posh accent, I try really hard :) 
TomI knew you would have a posh accent, 
I'll have to judge it some time. 
I'll work on my Texan in the meantime.
Emily -Yes please let's judge each others accents soon!! 
I foresee a Skype date in our future haha {Ding Ding Ding}
Tom -Haha yeah ok then. Just remember you have a good head start over me, 
I'm not even entirely sure what a Texan sounds like. {Yeah ok then? Really Tom? haha}

I'm so glad we went ahead and had that first skype date :)
he's such a stud crumpet...look at that smile!!
Don't mind me...i'm just being a weirdo as usual ;)

So then on Day 2 of talking
Tom was saying stuff like this...
TomI'm happy to pay on a date, I know a great restaurant in Liverpool. 
Just get a flight meet me there and I'll take care of the bill ;) 
{Ohhh i see what you're doing}

We were basically in a long distance relationship soon after that ;)

It's fun to look back at how quickly we clicked.
This has been the smoothest, easiest and most amazing
relationship that i've ever been in!!

I love him so much and i am 
SO excited that it is almost our one year
anniversary of Tomily!! :)

Have a great Monday!

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