Wednesday, November 20, 2013


So this is a totally different experience
from when Tom came and visited me this past summer.

Now i'm doing the visiting and it's way more stressful.
Last time i got to sit back and relax and watch
this little plane move across my computer screen.
That was my job...i was the waiter.

Now i'm the mover/shaker/flyer/packer/etsyowner/student///

Yesterday i posted that i had 3 sales...
I got 2 more yesterday...which is GREAT!
I am so excited that i'm selling stuff.
Here's what i made yesterday.

I'm loving the gray w/ deer head!!

TCU {below}

These are just too fun to make :)
I also sold one of my feather garlands :)
I feel like i'm on a roll.

Now that i've got orders completed 
i just need to ship them, make it through class tomorrow
pack, pack and pack....and pack some more
and then sleep...and then go get on a plane on Thursday!! :)
So much is happening and it's so wonderful!!

I'm sooooo ready to see this face again!!!

Remember if you want to follow along on the happenings
of this week and next week then keep following the blog
and follow my instagram emily_hopefulwandering

I am sooooo ready for FRIDAY!! :)
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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  1. Have an amazing time on your trip! Love your canvases!