Monday, November 18, 2013

I'm going to England this week!!!

I leave for England on Thursday.
My flight is at 3:00pm and i land in England around 3:00am.
Which will be around 9:00am in England.
Which means my brain is going to be so confused
but oh so happy at the same time because....
And i'm so so excited.
I'm giddy!
I'm ready!
I'm happy!
Oh i already said that...
Well i am ready, i'm so ready!
It's been too long since i've seen him
and i am so so ready to be back with him again.

I mean just LOOOOOK AT no stop looking at him like that!!
hahahaha ;)

If you're interested in following along on our adventure
over the next week or so then make sure you're
following the blog...duhh ;) And you can also follow
me on instagram: emily_hopefulwandering
I'm inviting you to stalk us soooooooo yea...

I'm going to be posting on instagram like crazy.
Sorry i'm not sorry, i won't even feel bad about the 100's 
of photos i'll be taking and posting.

I also want to do a vlog with Tom.
Let me know in the comments if you think that's 
something you would want to see.

And I really want to do a video of our trip.
I really like making videos for things soooo i'm making 
it a mission of mine to create a little video of some of the fun
things that we will be doing while i'm there.
You frolicking in fields and dancing 
in castle ballrooms....i mean normal everyday stuff.
I'll post the video once i'm back!

Can you tell i'm excited?
Because i am!!


I did end up going home this weekend.
I pushed through the sickness and made a trip
to my homeland of Texas to hang 
with the fam and get my hair done!

I Just decided to go a little darker. 
It's a chocolatey brown with a little red tint 
when it's in direct sunlight.
I LOVE it.

Now i'm back at school until thursday when i jet
off to England for ten whole days ;)

Then it's back to school for 2 weeks and then graduation.
It's a crazy whirlwind of events but a good whirlwind ;)

These next few weeks are going to be SO exciting!
I hope you'll stick around for all of the fun!!