Thursday, December 19, 2013

Alex and Sierra - Say Something

I kind of have a thing for Tv music competitions.
Ok, so i'm a Tv competition junkie, survivor, amazing race, x factor, the voice...
I can't help myself, they're just so exciting to me.

I've been keeping up with the X-Factor this season,
well, ok i've only been watching one act perform since day one,
I fast forward through the rest of them.

Alex and Sierra...
Be still my beating heart.

First of all they might be the cutest couple of all time...
apart from me and Tom of course ;)

They are so good...TOO good for a singing competition.
They are going to go so far and i personally
can not wait to buy their first Album.
Just have a quick listen and tell me what you think!!


Do you keep up with the X-Factor?
Who should win??
I'm crossing my fingers for A&S!!

While i wait for the show to come on tonight
i'm going to spend the whole day skyping with Tom Tom.
We're going to do some serious trip planning and 
maybe even watch a movie or two ;)

Should be a greeaaattt day!!
Hope you're all having a good day as well! :)



  1. they are so good!
    would love to see what happens after the show.
    i try to keep up as much as i can, but i feel like there are so many shows, seasons, episodes, it's so hard to keep up! so i just keep my eyes open for posts (such as yours) to watch the highlights!

  2. Aww i'm glad i could keep you updated a little haha i'm so glad they won!! :)