Friday, December 20, 2013

Trip Planning - Croatia

Yesterday Tom and I had a pretty lengthy skype date
where we watched the Princess Bride {his first time}
and started planning out trips for next year.

We get pretty excited about planning trips.
I mean what's not to be excited about when you have
most of Europe at your fingertips...
Well...within reason ;)

We're planning trips that may or may not happen.
Depending on time off work and money.
But planning nonetheless so that we can
be ready in a moments notice to get plane tickets
or book a place to stay.

Like i've said before, we both like the idea of
going back to Paris, but i'm also really wanting to branch out
and find new places, explore new lands ;)

Yesterday was the first time that i looked into Croatia.
It is absolutely stunning.

I just want to stroll through these streets
hand in hand with Tom taking in the sights of
pretty towns like Dubrovnik.

I think Croatia is a real contender for a trip next year.
Have you been to Croatia?? Or heard anything about traveling there?
I would love to hear what you have to say!! :)

We're also looking into Germany/Austria/Amsterdam...
Lots of fun places that i can't wait to go to!! :)

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Peter (my boyfriend) actually spent a lot of summers there in high school, with his first girlfriend's family. He absolutely loves it. He's promised to take me there one day; I'm most pumped about plitvice lakes but the islands are on our list as well! Have you thought about where in Croatia you will travel?

    1. The Plitvice lakes are top of the list for me, they are gorgeous. We haven't done too much planning for Croatia, but i can't wait to put something together, i think it would be such a fun place! :)

  2. Emily, Croatia is such a good idea! It's a beautiful country with very kind people. I've spent both family vacations and fun vacations with friends there and it's always a wonderful place to relax, soak up some sunshine and spent some time at the beach. We've always been around Porec, a seaside town at the Mediterranean Sea. Breathtakingly beautiful :)
    Planning trips is so much fun and I can't wait to read where you will end up going.

    1. That's one of the things i read, the people are so nice. I like that! :) Porec looks amazing, i haven't looked into that place yet but i will now! Thanks for the tip ;)