Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Freddos and a skype date

It's strange that i'm posting a blog about chocolate.
But not just any chocolate.
THE Freddo...
The magical candy made by a wizard
that has changed my life forever.

It's a little chocolate bar in the shape of a frog
that does this whole pop rocks thing in your mouth.
And it's crazy and amazing and just really addicting.

In fact on the last day i was in England Tom took me to 
a little shop at the top of his road and i bought 10 of them.
I'm having constant regrets that i didn't get the whole box.

They sell them on Amazon if you're interested...
That is all...

Tom and I had our first skype yesterday 
after seeing each other for a week.
It was awful.

I haven't been too weepy about leaving because i know i'll be back
but seeing his cute British face just sitting there looking at
me and not being about to reach out and hug him was hard.

It's always hard right after we're separated
but it will get easier and then before i know it i'll be back.

Jet lag has taken me captive.
I woke up yesterday at 5:45am and didn't really go back to sleep.
I also was asleep by 9pm on Sunday night so it made sense to wake
up so early the next morning.

I know i'll be good after a few days being back
but right now i'm just exhausted.

It's supposed to get frigidly cold this weekend.
Like sleet/snow cold and that means there is a possibility that
my classes will get cancelled Friday leaving me to nap
all day long and dream of Tom and Freddo's.

And that's my life folks...
have a wonderful Tuesday :)

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