Monday, December 2, 2013

39 days and a photo dump

We had a great last day together.
We went around Liverpool and saw some of the 
cathedrals and then we ate at Wagamama
which is one of my faves!!

Then Tom had to work so i stayed in town
and did some last minute shopping on my own.
It was neat to wander around all of the stores 
all by myself, kind of made me feel like i lived there ;)

Here's some photo's from the last day.

So now I'm officially back in the USofA.
It's good to be back for two main reasons.
1. Graduation
2. Christmas/Family time

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks leading
up to my January departure back to England.
And i'm looking forward to getting to it.

You may be expecting to read a sad post
about how i cried my little eyes out when Tom had to say goodbye...
But the truth wasn't as hard this time.

That's because there's only 39 days till i'm back.
That's not very long at all and so we were really good
with our goodbye this time...

That being was still really hard to do it.
It's never easy saying 'see ya later' to the one person you
don't want to be separated from.
But in our case it was necessary...
because Emily needs to Graduate ;)

39 days is's's a baby break
which makes us really happy!!!

AND i'll be there for 5 months...sooooo
we have more to be happy about than to be sad about.

I had such a wonderful time this past week.
Getting to meet Tom's family was a highlight.
They welcomed me with open arms and i am so
incredibly happy that he has such a sweet loving family.

I can't wait for our adventure to start next year.
Until then...we'll be skyping it up ;)

This is my last week of classes...ever...Holy Moly...
Hope you all enjoy your week!!


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  1. Love the pics and the post. Esp the spirit and diet coke bottles. so cute. never seen anything in a bottle like that other than my fave Coke. :D