Saturday, November 30, 2013

Last day...but only for a little while...

Yesterday was fun, it was simple, a little lazy, but fun.
I brought Tom's Christmas with me and decided to give it to him early
because i wanted to be there when he opened it up.

His family has a tradition of filling a sock with fruit for christmas day..
While my family has a tradition of giving stockings with random fun things inside.
So i decided to give Tom a stocking.

It was big and red and all christmassy and his face lit up when he saw it.
I turned on Christmas music to set the mood and he went for it.
He got some ninja turtle bandaids, a camelback water bottle, some candy,
goldfish {the crackers} an ornament for his tree and a few other things.

Tom also likes maps and has always liked globes so i got him
a little mini globe that he could put on a shelf.

So after we did a mini early Christmas we went bowling...
yes bowling and we had a blast.
Tom beat me...of course but it was still so fun!

We then walked down the road to the movies and saw Gravity.
Which made me hate space because it's so scary...
But it was actually a really good movie.

Then we came back to the house and literally
filled every part of our bodies with cheesy pizza
cheesy garlic bread, cheesy much cheese...
I think i'm still in a cheese coma.

And now we're awake on my last day here.
We're going to go see a cathedral today and eat out
and then Tom has to work

It might be our last day together but we'll be seeing each
other again real real soon!!!


Before Tom and I had even met last summer
we knew we were serious about each other.
We even started thinking of ways that we could see
each other for longer so that we could really feel like we were 
dating in the real world.

Even though everything bloomed over the
we knew that there was a lot more potential for this relationship.
And as usual...we were right.

We started throwing out ideas like...
I'll come see you for half of the year and then
you come see me for the other half...

Sounds perfect but actually getting it to work might be
a different story completely.

However, being the smart cookies that we are...
We realized that since i'd be graduating in December
that it would be the perfect opportunity to do something a little crazy.

I mean yea, normal people get a job right out of school 
but i am by no means normal.

Personally i loathe the idea of working a job you hate.
I think it's a waste of your life...

I know i know, sometimes you need a job to live
and you might hate that job but it's viable to your survival...
Well i still suggest you look elsewhere or create your own job
rather than hating what you should be loving.
Ok...rant over...sorry...

Anyways...I have 0 jobs lined up after graduation.
Could i get a random job? Sure....but i'm not going to.
Instead i'll be flying back over to England in January 
and i'll be staying till June...

You might be thinking...
"Whoaaaa girl, that's a long time to be away from home"
My response...sure it is, but it's an adventure.
And when adventure calls, especially at the opportune time...
who am i to turn it down??

So our brainstorming worked.
I bought my flight a few weeks ago
and i'll be spending 5 months in the UK
with my stud crumpet and his wonderful family.

Thank goodness for Skype though...
that way i can still see my lovely family back home
whenever i want to, or whenever they want to.

Next year will be amazing...Epic even
which isn't a word i would normally use ;)

So that's why tomorrow will be sad but not quite
as sad as our last goodbye...

We had to wait over 4 months last time...
Now it's just over 40 days ;)

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.
See y'all back in the states.



  1. Wow! How exciting! So jealous of your new adventure and I can't wait to follow you along on it!

  2. So exciting! :) What are you going to do once you move to England for 5 months? Studying/Working/..? Also how old are you and Tom? And have you realized any dating differences between England and the states?