Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nostalgic or not-stalgic...

This time next week i will be all graduated.
No more school for this girl, hello adult land.

I'm happy that i'll always be learning
even if it's not in a class setting but the days of book reports
and scantron tests are almost over.

So you might be wondering...
"how are you feeling about graduating in a week Emily??"

Well...I feel great.
I have been in college for 4 and a half years now
and it's time to move on from this place
and go on some new adventures.

So many people are feeling nostalgic this week.
Moving on from the norm, from school, from friends is hard.
But i'm really just not feeling that...Is that bad?
Should i be more emotional about the end of my college career?

I think while everyone is looking at this week as the end
i'm kind of looking at it as the beginning.

Just because you graduate does not mean you can
never visit your school again or see those special friends again.

More than likely the friends you want to stay connected with after school
will want to stay connected just as badly...
And you will find a way.

It's not hard to stay connected it just takes effort.
So i'm not nostalgic because i'm not losing anything.
Things are just changing.
As they should!!

Plus it might have something to do with the fact that
after graduation i am going on an adventure.

Maybe that's why i'm really not that concerned
with this whole graduation thing.

There's just way too much to be excited about.
Really everyone graduating has an adventure they're about to embark on
whether it's a big adult job or just trying to move out of mom and dads house.

We all have things to be excited about.
Soak this last week in  but don't forget that
you're not losing anything, things are just changing.

And i think we can all agree that one thing we all want to lose is the ice.
Holy moly it is icy out there...i don't even want to leave my apartment!!

It is however...real pretty...but that's all i like about it ;)


I'm sure as next Saturday gets closer the nostalgia may present itself a little bit
but as of right now i'm ready to move forward, it's exciting and
there are so many possibilities out there!!! :)

Hope you all have a safe warm weekend!

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  1. I didn't really feel nostalgic until well after I graduated college... but one thing I'm glad I did was spend an extra week in my college town checking off boxes on the bucket list that I never managed to get to. It was so nice to have that extra time with my closest friends :) Will you do anything special before you leave town?