Monday, December 9, 2013

August 2009 - Year 1 {The angry year}

So because i'm graduating Saturday
I think it would be fun to take you year 
by year through the ups and the DOWNS
of my "College Experience"

It will be fun, i promise.
The first half has no Tom but 
the second half does so stay with me ;)

I was terrified that i was going to have to
go back into the Myspace Vault to find pictures
from Freshman year but thank goodness that was all
Pre 2009 Emily....and it wasn't all...

I'm looking through pictures from 2009
and lets just say i'm thankful i've come a looooong
way since that year ;)

I'll start at the beginning...
I go to school where i go because of Family.
It's one of mom, dad, cousins, aunts and uncles went here kind of thing.
So all through my life i knew where i was headed.
I didn't really even give other schools a chance.
So when i was accepted into my University in December of 2008
I was the happiest Senior in the High School halls.

{Right before graduation}

Flash forward to August 2009
when i had just finished my first day of classes at my University. 
After class i picked up the phone called my mom and dad
and yelled "I hate you" at both of them for...a while
for leaving me in this God forsaken place...
yupppp, that's how well i adjusted.

I threatened to sign myself out of school.
To leave all of my classes.
Heck, i was basically already packing.

I'm not even sure why i hated it so much.
I knew my freshman Bio class was going to slaughter me.
No really, i was dead before i even walked through the door.
Cells, bacteria...hmmm how about I.Dont.Care...
I'm a business student so clearly science was 
not ever going to be my strong suit.

I knew day one that college was too hard.
I was not prepared for this level of work
and i sure was not prepared to be this far away
from all of the people i know.

I was alone and life was rough.
My parents told me i had to stick it out till mid semester.
hmph...ok...if i must.

I ended up sticking it out till the end of Freshman year.
Mostly because i didn't want to transfer in December.
I was WAY too lazy to do that.

So in May of 2010 i said "see ya nevaahhh"
to this school that i'm graduating from on Saturday. see how i stuck to my guns ;)

I was under the impression that i was never returning
so i did the smart thing and skipped signing up for classes
and my roommate found someone else.

Once i got home i was on a mission
to find that perfect school.
Here's how that went.

"Oh this school is nice...but"
"Oh i like this program...but"
"What a pretty school...but"
"They're all nice...but they're just not like {my current school}
There i was comparing my new choices to the school i left.

So after that first week home
and after looking at about 10 different
schools I decided that I was so dumb.

What's that's not until you lose 
something that you realize how good it was...or something like that.

I hated {my current school} because it was so far from home.
I had friends but I still didn't feel like i belonged.
But it wasn't until i got home that i realized
being away from home wasn't the end of the world.
In fact it was a challenge that i clearly needed to break through.

So what did i do?
I signed up for classes at the school
i said "see ya nevaaahhh" to.
I found a new roommate {Potluck}
and i felt relieved to be going back.

I'm such a strange girl sometimes.
But honestly that first year of school was
something that i really needed.

Never in my life had i had to really do something on my own.
I fought like a champ in the beginning to be lame and run away from
the things that scared me but in the end i stuck with it.
And now i'm graduating on saturday.
Zetus lapetus!!

{My Freshman Dorm Room}
Please stop judging me for twilight
And yes that is a price is right sticker.
Been there, done that.

Towards the end of freshman year i was actually 
enjoying myself, but i still wanted out of there.

You'll be happy to know it got a lot better.
But i'll share more of the "good times" tomorrow!!



  1. Haha this is totally how I felt during my first two semesters in college. But I really did end up going to a different college and am so glad I did :) Best decision! I'm happy to hear staying worked out for you though. Can't wait to read what happened over the next years!

    1. haha yea, i am really glad i stayed, who know's where i would have ended up ;)

  2. Hey Emily! This was actually an encouraging post because I'm feeling like this is going to be me when I head off to college... eeep!! So glad it all worked out for you, nice to hear that if you stick with it and weather through it'll get better. I have a fear of going to college and immediately falling behind and not being able to graduate, and now look at you! Thanks so much!! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your college experience!