Tuesday, December 10, 2013

No Sophomore slump here

Oh Sophomore year...where to begin?

I had to go potluck on roommates since i gave mine up
the previous year since i thought i was leaving...
So...i'm feeling good about it, it can't be too bad right??

hmmmm judging by this dividing curtain i installed in the dorm room
i'd say it didn't really work out very well.
Yes...the curtain could be pulled all the way across...
And it was pulled...often...

Dear sweet roomie from Fall semester sophomore year,
If you are reading this then please know i have no ill will towards you.
But you need to get control over your alarm in the mornings.
One way to poke the bear inside of me is to sleep through your alarm.
Especially when said alarm is the Pokemon theme song/office theme song.
I wanted to chop my ears off and throw them at you every morning.
moving on...

Sophomore year was pretty awesome.
I made a lot of new friends and opened myself up to new experiences.
Experiences like sleeping outside.

That one time I decided to go on a "mission weekend" thingy
instead of writing a paper over a book.
Spoiler Alert: It was AWFUL!
I'm not cut out for the mission field.
We slept in that hut in the above picture.
hmmm no thanks.
I left after one night ;)

Another experience I had Sophomore year was my first JOB.
It was at a little bakery in my town called Cutie Cakes.
I had no idea what i was doing and i was petrified of the cash register.
The Lady who owned it was awesome though, such a fun first job!!

I also decided to be more outgoing...bleh...
I'd much rather spend every night of the week cuddled up
on the couch watching a movie with some snacks 
but apparently there is this whole thing about making friends
and having experiences and blahh blah blah...
So i got out there...and I had fun...

I made some of my best friends in my Sophomore year.
Ms. Samantha who you'll see in most pictures from now on
was a freshman in my Elementary Stats class.
We sat together and became fast friends.
She became my roommate the following semester
and we've been roomies ever since.

I fled my fall semester roommate and moved in with Sam the following Semester.
This was our little dorm setup :) No dividing curtain here!!

You may be wondering why we're dressed so weird in the above photos.
Well that's Spring sing. It's a student produced musical extravaganza thingy...
I did it once and i'm glad i did it and
I will never ever do it again ;)

Sophomore year is also when i started looking into Business.
Up until then i was really just kind of waiting for a major to jump out at me.
But right out of high school i started making these letters for people.
I made a lot of them, well over 100 and made over $1,000 in sales.
So you could say i had the business bug in me long before i knew it.

Spring of Sophomore year was when i started getting
into more business classes which is obviously where i've stayed.
Once i got into the business stuff i really found myself.
I was comfortable where i was and everything i had been 
scared of from Freshman year just floated away.
I found my calling and it has all worked out 
so well since then.

Sophomore year was really the beginning 
of my "College Experience"
I'm just so glad i went back and gave it a chance.

Junior year + Paris on the blog tomorrow!! :)
Have a great Tuesday!!

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