Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Junior Year AKA the year of Paris!

It's now Junior year.
This is the year that will change my life.

When i started back to school junior year 
I started it with a pep in my step.

I was excited that Sam was still my roommate
so i didn't have to worry about that.
I was also excited to start taking more serious business classes.
It was destined to be the best year and it hadn't even started yet.

Our junior year dorm room.
Yea, i brought a giant chalkboard and a couch 
to college with me...I couldn't stop myself...

The fall semester of Junior year was really basic.
Not much happening, just the normal stuff...
classes and the occasional outing to Little Rock.

Then I guess it was right before halloween
that i heard the announcement about Paris.

My University does study abroad programs
as i'm sure you already know if you've read more of my blog.

The amazing thing about the way this all happened was
I was actually really starting to think about studying abroad
when they made a big Paris push.

I told myself before hearing the announcement that if
any of the programs offered a discount for a program that i would
try my best to go on the trip.

I wasn't biased toward a specific program.
So i made myself a promise that if given the opportunity
I would take it.

I was feeling adventurous.

Not even 10 minutes after i made that promise I heard the Paris announcement.
The Paris program was newer and it needed more
students to fill the spots so they were offering a discount
for anyone who wanted to go on this trip.
After hearing the announcement 
I instantly got my dad on the phone and 
told him i was considering it.
He told me to go for it if it was something
that i really wanted to do.
And I did.

Now remember...this is the same girl
that had a month long panic attack about being on 
her own when she started school two years earlier.
And now she's going to Paris.

Had i not stuck out Freshman year
I don't think i would have had the guts to
sign up for a study abroad program.
It all worked out the way it was meant to.
I'm SO glad it did!!

After I decided to go and after i had
gone to a few Paris meetings I was able
to talk Sam into going with me.
So now not only was i going to Paris
but my best friend was coming to!!

We signed up for the trip 
at the end of october and boarded 
the plane to Paris the following January.

I can't tell you enough about how much
i absolutely loved this trip.
The people we went with
the places we went to,
It was life changing.

And had i not stayed freshman year
I wouldn't have had any of these experiences.
Funny how life works sometimes ;)

I made some lifelong friends on this trip,
friends that included a family of five, Lauren&Tyler Knight,
and 8 other students that i will remember for the rest of my life.

We spent 3 months gallivanting in Europe.
Going from France to England to Switzerland to Italy.
We had a blast and it opened my eyes to this 
incredible world that is out there.
I'm now and forever more addicted to adventure.

I thank God for putting these amazing opportunities in my path
and for giving me these amazing people to share it with.
If there is one thing i'm nostalgic's these people.

I will miss them the most!!
Junior year was one for the record books.

Tomorrow is Senior year.
Which consists of three semesters.
Because i like to take extra laps ;)

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