Thursday, December 12, 2013

Senior Year {Tomily Year}

Senior year started in the fall of 2012.
It was a time of readjusting to a school that
wasn't 7 miles from the Eiffel Tower ;)
It was a rough transition...

But i've got to be honest,
all i really did for the first few months
of Senior year was go to classes and be really lazy.
That was about it.

I don't even have very many photo's from this year.
Well...I do but they're not school photos ;)

I don't even remember much during those couple of months
when Senior year's all a little bit of a blur.
And i think i know why.

I don't really remember anything before November 6th.
Also known as the day i started talking to Tom. 

We might as well just dub senior year the year of Tomily.
I remember keeping Tom a secret for a few weeks.
I didn't tell anyone about him until right before 
Christmas break came around.

I mean it's a bit of an awkward thing to throw at people.
"Oh yea....met this guy online...he's from England...he's really attractive..."
That's when you get replies like "oh! and how do you know he's real?"
hmmm, no thank you...

So i got ahead of the game and skyped Tom before i told anyone about him.
You know, a girls got to make sure he's legit ;)
For the record i knew he was real
long before we skyped.
I had an inkling ;)

I told some close friends about him before Christmas.
They weren't so sure about the whole thing.

I told my parents about it over Christmas break.
They probably thought i was insane.

And then Tomily just kind of bloomed in front of 
the eyes of thousands through this blog.
And it shut down the critics ;)
Or at least it should have.

Now that i think of it,
this blog that i started almost a year ago
is kind of, in a way, my senior year.

So when i first started writing this blog post
i was struggling to think of a single thing that i have
done with my senior year.

But truth is i've done more in this one year than
i can even talk about in one blog post.

Maybe it wasn't all school stuff
but it was BIG life stuff.

My first serious boyfriend who just so happens
to be a hot british guy who just so happens to come
visit me in Texas during the summer who just so happens 
to buy my flight to England at Thanksgiving who just so happens
to be one of the best things to ever happen to me.
What more could a girl want in her senior year?

And even better is the time i get to spend with Tom in the coming year.
I'm happy that i can hop on over to him for a while
and just get the opportunity to date without being sad
about leaving each other in a few days.

It all kind of goes back to where we started on
monday in my post about Freshman year.

I was so petrified to do anything on my own.
I didn't know how to handle myself in this big crazy world
and now here i am, about to graduate and go off to England for 5 months.
Who is this girl and where was she in 2009 ;)
I'm just glad i found her along the way.

If there is one thing i learned in this whole process
it's that just because something seems hard
and scares you doesn't mean it's not where you should be.
and for me, it's exactly where I needed to be.

And now it's all coming to a close.
I'll talk more about that in tomorrow's post.
Until then, you all have a wonderful Thursday!


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