Thursday, January 9, 2014

England bound & Customs humor


I'm all packed, and ready to go.
I think i deserve an award for getting
5 months of clothes/shoes/other necessities 
into a medium suitcase a carry on and a backpack.
Go me!!

I am so so excited to be reunited with this guy :) :) :) :)

One thing i'm not excited about is going through customs.

They scare me, like real bad.

I know for a fact that i have ALL of the info
that i need for them to let me pass but I'm still scared of them.
Not that i have reason to be, they're just intimidating.

Also it kind of hurts my feelings
how uninterested they are in my reason for traveling.

Here's an example of my customs experience.

C = Customs
E= Emily

C - Passport please
E - Oh yes, here you go.
C - Why are you traveling to the UK?
E - {giggly} This is where my boyfriend lives.
C - How did you meet?
E - ahem...we
C - Have you met before?
E - {giggle} yes, yes we have, he spent 3 magical 
weeks with me in Texas last summer and i came here
at Thanksgiving break for a week, it was wonderful. {giggle}
C - How long have you known him?
E - oh, it will be 14 months in february, oh how sweet is that,
14 months in february is so magical, because you know,
the 14th is Valentines day and we're in love and we've
known each other 14 months...sighhh
C - {rolls eyes} how long will you be here, when is your flight back,
do you plan on working while your here???
E - {thinks to myself, why doesn't C care about my relationship??}
I leave June 9th and no i won't be working.
C - Don't you have a job? Or aren't you a student?
How can you take off this long?
E - I graduated in december and since 
we've been dating long distance we decided
that this would be a great opportunity to spend 
a few magical and romantic months together...
you know, young love {giggle}
C - {rolls eyes, stamps passport}

I guess i'm a little too obsessed with our story ;)
I think it will all go really well tomorrow!
I am so excited :)

I can't wait to start this adventure, and begin
blogging from across the pond for a few months.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday.
Big day of traveling ahead of me, but have no fear
I have insurgent and Allegiant to keep me company.
Divergent was amazing, i can't wait to read the others.

Here I go...eeep



  1. I'm scared of customs, too! I thought I was the only one :)
    Even though I know that I have nothing to hide, the way that the customs people look at you so seriously just freaks me out. A small price to pay though, right?? :)

  2. Safe travels Emily and enjoy your time in England. Look forward to continue reading about your ever expanding love story. Lots of love to you and Tom as you experience life together!

    and the customs guy...mehhh... he clearly doesn't know what he's missing out on ;)