Friday, January 3, 2014

Not all who wander are lost...

Hi, my name is Emily and i'm a part of the millennial generation.
Call me Millennial or Gen-Y, it's up to you.

We aren't baby boomers, so don't treat us like we are.
Because we aren't, not now, not ever.
I'm being quite sassy, i know.
But it needs to be said.

Not that we don't like Baby boomers, i mean they're our parents,
aunts and uncles, teachers and friends.

We love you, but we're not you.
Simple as that.

And we get really offended when treated as such.
We're our own people, and we enjoy that we're different.
We make our decisions differently and we like it that way.

We're adventurous.
We take risks.
We're dreamers.

Just because we wander, more than you would,
(you being a boomer) does not mean that 
we're headed down the path of destruction.

When graduating from College we go to England
for five months instead of finding a job.

Ok, so by now you know when i say we, i mean me.
This is not how all millennial's are, but it's how I am, or how I feel.

It wasn't till recently that i realized just how different 
our generation is from our parents generation.
And we're even further from our grandparents generation.
And we'll be very different from our own children's generation.
It's just how the world works...

This information is key to understanding why a baby boomer
might be really frustrated with someone in their 20's 
for making the crazy decisions that we make.

You see crazy, we see amazing.
You see stupid, we see dreams.
You see a mistake, we see our future.

I've been really emotional lately about my life choices.
I think really hard about them because I'm so picky
about the direction i want my life going.

So chances are, if i make a decision to do something
then that means i've thought it through.

I don't make decisions at the drop of a hat.
In fact something us millennial's are really good at
is planning and preparing.

We don't do things that we haven't looked into,
or found discounts for, or made sure it's 
exactly what we want.

We're smart about our crazy decisions.

So in conclusion, we're young souls who love to
go on adventures and have fun and make memories.

We may be crazy but we planned it that way.

We're different, and we like it ;)

Think about us, pray for us,
we love that you care.
Thank you for birthing us
and providing for us,
and making us feel so loved.

Trust that you, as a generation,
raised us well.

We will go on to do some extraordinary things.
And we'll have you to thank for it.

Until then...
We're going on adventures
we're falling in love
we're taking risks,
but safe ones.

At the end of the day
all we're really trying to do
is find our place in this world
that we don't feel belongs to us.
It will be ours one day,
we're just making sure
that when that day comes...
we have a great place to stay.



  1. Well said Emily! Sometimes explaining our decisions to our parents generation is tough but communication is key to living together happily :)

    1. Thanks Kristina :) Thankfully my parents are my biggest support system, i don't know what i'd do without them :) You're right, communication is key! :)

  2. One word I believe you might have forgotten is "entitled". Don't get me wrong. I am a twenty something who has been blessed to wander the world, just as you are about to.
    Our generation has been given the option to wander because the generations before were not. Talk to the boomers, the vietnam vets, the WWII vets. They went immediately to work or war because there was no choice, then they provided us with a million options (that we think we deserve) because they wanted something different than what they had. It's clear you are a very thankful and loving girl, but please keep in mind that we don't necissarily "deserve" everything we get - the generations before us worked hard to give it to us. Go everywhere with a thankful and humble heart, and you can reconcile our generation's entitlement and continue to prove the generations before us wrong.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said ;) we are entitled and the world is far more open than it was back when the boomers and even our grandparents were our age. This is more of a "hey please let us learn and thrive and be who we know we can be" kind of a thing! More towards those who stifle our will to do the things that we are fortunate enough to do :) thanks for the comment :)