Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dream Job - A Travel Enthusiast

Want to know what my dream job is??

Let's start with a definition of what it entails.
I want to inspire people, to go into the unknown.

I want to help people see the world.

Translation: I want to be a travel agent...

no, no...

I want to be an adventure planner.

I want to be a trip creator.

In my free time i'm looking for travel discounts
to places that i'm not even going to.

Tom and I spend countless hours planning trips
and creating adventures that sometimes
we don't even go on.

And even though we don't go on some of these trips,
it's still so fun to plan them.

So while i'm in England with Tom,
i'll have some free time while he works.
I think i'm going to start doing some research
on potential jobs that are travel oriented.
And then one day I really want
to start up my own business.

I also want confetti to be involved in some way...
I've already got it all planned out in my head ;)

Have a splendid weekend!!


  1. It really is a dream job.Dream big that's they say and work hard and you will get it.I would love to travel all my life and make it to job.That would be so awesome!!!!

  2. sounds like a perfect job! :)