Sunday, February 2, 2014

Expat life - Making friends

A couple of days ago I realized that i'm friendless.

Woe is me...right??

Well here's the thing, that's not really a true statement.
I do have friends...I have Tom who is my boyfriend
but he's also my best friend.

And Tom's family has become like my own family.
I also consider them to be friends.

And I also consider my blog friends to be my friends as well ;)

What i'm lacking is girl friends in this area.
I, of course, have girl friends back home.
And i miss them all like crazy.

There is one thing you can't live without...
and that's your girl i right??

So the other day I was sitting in the house
and thinking to myself...

Where my girls at??

Well truth is, when living in a new place
finding friends can be a little daunting.

Where do I find them?
Will they even like me?
How do I go about this?

So i've been friendless up until today...
Yes, yes i did!!

Where did i meet her?
At Church!!

Here's the story
I went to a nice little Church in town.
I had to go alone since Tom was working.
I'm a really awkward person...especially in new situations.
So I walk in at 9:50 and sit at a table and wait for 
more people to come...because well...I was the first one there...

I thought Church started at 10:15...
But it actually started at 10:45...
I was there an hour early...

I blamed the fact that i was itchin for Jesus...
Which is true, i'm always itchin!!

So I sat alone at a table
until this really nice girl came up to me
and introduced herself.

Thank goodness she did because I 
was silently planning my escape out of there
because i felt soooo awkward.

She came up and started telling me about the church
and told me the right start time...
then we giggled that i was there too early.

Then she told me that they had drinks and cake
after every service and i was like...
Oh do you?? Where do i sign up??

I love Church for God and the fellowship..
let's get that straight...but cake is fellowship soooooo...

So she started introducing more and more people to me
and before long the table i was all alone at had about 10 girls
sitting around it and it was so good!!

I felt welcome and happy and excited.

Another girl named Rachel joined the group right before services would start.
She's from London and she's at Uni in Liverpool.

We hit it off and when church was over we exchanged
numbers and facebooks and we're going to meet up
next Sunday for more church.

I met up with Tom during his lunch break and
I was a little too giddy about the fact
that i made a friend.

But it's exciting.
I came here for Tom
but that doesn't mean I can't
make some friends along the way :)

I'm glad i've found a church that i like
and a few friends that I can get to know
over the next couple of months :)

In other news...
This is my 300th blog post!!

I'm amazing...
I meant to write amazed that i stuck with it..
but then i wrote amazing and I didn't want to argue
with something like that ;)



  1. that's a great place to meet Friends is at church. I'm like you I dont have many girl friends but I have my reasons why. I have more friends who are girls online than I do in my every day life and those online I havent really met in person. but we talk daily and text and stuff.

  2. Yay, for making new friends and double yay for finding a church you like and where you feel welcome. That's amazing! And you are amazing ;-) When I moved almost a year ago I didn't know anybody and although I go to college here and met friends on campus it was so hard to make friends outside of the little college bubble. I think joining a club or a gym really helps. Maybe you can find something like that in Liverpool too :)