Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Souvenirs | What to buy

Personally, one of the hardest parts of traveling
is the purchasing of souvenirs.

I never ever know what to get.
And I never know who to get it for.

If i get something for mom then i have to get something for dad.
If the parents have gifts then the siblings might feel left out
so i get them something as well...

Then you find something that you know your best friend will love
but if you buy that you have to buy gifts for all of your other
friends or they will feel less loved...

Do you get everyone something from every town you visit
or just from your favorite towns...

or do you just forget it and only buy stuff for yourself.
The selfish way...

This souvenir bizz is complicated!
And may i add...kind of expensive.

So here's what i tend to do.
I normally buy three items.

Pressed Pennies

Postcards are classic, plus if you actually
write a loving message on them and mail them 
out on your travels then chances are it will be a hit!

My mom collects thimbles....at least i think she does.
I've always tried to buy her a thimble from all of the places i've been.
So there's that...

And then there's the pressed penny.
These are cool because they normally signify a place you've been to
and to top it off if you're in another country then chances
are the penny will be different than a US penny.
Which is a souvenir in itself.

If i see something i know someone will love
then i will normally splurge and buy that.

I know my brother wants a Kinder Egg...
and those babies are cheap cheap!!
They are also amazingly fun!

So there you have it.
That is my list of souvenirs.
Do you have any must buy souvenirs
that you get friends and family on your travels??

I need some more ideas in case my postcards and pennies
get boring...which is quite possible...



  1. I almost always go with postcards! x

  2. David and I try to find someone selling their art on the street to buy for ourselves. When we were in San Francisco, we found this guy who drew different scenes from the city on wood. We found one that was small enough to fit in our suitcase and it was only 20$. It also looks really cool on our travel wall.

  3. I always get my Goddaughter postcards. She comes from a family that's not the traveling type (her Dad has never been on a plane,) so to me it's really important to show her what life can be like outside of her hometown and state. I always find an interesting fact to write about too, because I'm nerdy like that :)

    The other great gift from other places is magnets. They are probably as dumb and tacky as souvenirs get but man, those things are useful. When I had roommate we would always get them for each other wherever we went, and our fridge was soon covered with memories from as far as Costa Rica, Thailand and Sweden. :) It made for great conversation starters when we had people over too!

  4. Scarves. You can never ever go wrong with scarves. They pack easy, are usually reasonably cheap, and they won't just sit on shelves - your friends and family will use them. Also, everywhere in the world has them - no matter the climate. I always get a scarf for myself too. When I put it on to go outside, I can flashback to where I got it. Today is one I spotted in the Paris train station on my honeymoon. Yesterday was my krama from Cambodia. - Shelby

  5. I agree with you and Amanda postcards are the best souvenirs. I love to send them to family and friends and sometimes to myself. What's better than coming home after a vacation and finding a postcard in your mailbox that instantly puts you back into vacation mood :)