Wednesday, February 5, 2014

V-Day Prep

Remember last year when Tom and I were sending
each other valboxes full of cheesy goodness??

Well that was my favorite valentines memory to date.
But something tells me it's going to be beat 
out by this years festivities.

This year will win simply because we're together.
And i get to be more creative than i was last year.

What you can send in the mail is quite limited
especially since it takes about 3 weeks for it to show up.

So any baked goods are out...
And those are my jam!!

So this year I've got a few little surprises in store for Tom.
Nothing extravagant or expensive but a few little things
that mean more than a pricey gift of love ;)

I keep telling him I don't need anything
because I'm just so happy we're together for V-Day.

But i don't think he believes me...
Which is fine ;)

 Yay for days where you're allowed to be mushy
and lovey dovey and disgusting!! :)

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