Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentines week rondevu

Tom gets a new work schedule every week
for the following week of work.

So we're always on the edge of our seats
waiting in anticipation for news that he has a few days off
so that we can spend time together OR go somewhere.

Before I came over here we were looking
into different places that we want to travel to.

Edinburgh, Florence and London were the first cities to grace this list.

We've done Edinburgh and it was spectacular.
Tom just got his schedule for next week which also
happens to be Valentines week...

And he's off quite a lot.
So we're thinking...let's go somewhere.

Yea...we just got back from Edinburgh...
Why not space it out???

Well, we kind of have to take advantage of days off now
because who knows if you'll get them this way again.

It's better than planning ahead for Tom to take actual days off.
We're saving those up for a bigger trip when it warms up.

So for now...for Valentines...we're looking for a place in the UK.

I'm thinking it will be London.

{London illustration by Jin datz}

I love London.
I think it's so magical and whimsical
and there is so much to see and do.

But i'm also looking into other places...
Isle of Man
Isle of Sky
Lake District

More scenic places that would be oh so romantical.

Is there a place in the UK that you LOVED??
Or maybe a place you've always wanted to go to??
Let me know so i can add it to my list
of places to research :)


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  1. I loved the Isle of Skye and the Lake District! My most favorite part of London was Hyde Park. I was in the best shape when I lived in London because I would run daily through the park. :) Good luck with your travel plans! Can't wait to read about them.