Saturday, February 8, 2014

London Recommendations

It's officially official.
Tomily is going to LONDON next week.
We will be there for two full days 
and we're really excited about it!!

The plan is to see the sights, eat some yummy food
and go see a west end show.

It should also be said that we epically planned this two day trip.
I mean so far our entire trip is costing less than 200 pound.
That's for two people to get to and from London plus
a place to stay for two nights and a west end show.

I'm feeling pretty good about it :)

We've already booked our show, we're seeing Stomp.
I felt like that was a better choice than 
a girly musical to make Tom sit through ;)

Now we just need recommendations for places to eat
and must see attractions that we can't miss.

I've been to London but Tom hasn't.
Funny, i know ;)

So we will see the Bridge, and Buckingham.
We will visit a museum or two and then who knows what else...

So what we need is some recommendations.
Have you been to London?
Do you have a favorite place to eat 
or know of something we should definitely go do or see?

Well let me know, because we need some ideas.

As of right now my plan is
to consume an unnatural amount of Bens Cookies.

So i'm going to need more than that to go off of ;)

Just let me know in the comments or via email
if you have any amazing recs :)



  1. I've been to London a few times visiting Peter and his family. As a fellow foodie, you HAVE to check out Borough Market- it's an awesome place to walk around and try out unique organic cuisines :) The eye is expensive, but definitely worth checking out once. Oh, and the National Portrait Gallery has excellent tea and a great view from their cafe!

    I've been dying to go back to London for over a year now, so please post lots of photos for those of us stuck stateside- and have a great time ;-)

  2. The Victoria & Albert museum in South Kensington is the best museum in London. (And there's a Ben's Cookies at South Kensington Station so you can kill two birds with one stone.) x