Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Life lately

I have nothing to blog about...
That's crazy right?? I'm on the adventure of a lifetime...
How can it be possible to have notthinngg to say???

Well...this exciting and amazing adventure
with my hottie hot Tom...comes with some downtime.

As it should.
Because if we were going going going all the time
we'd be exhausted and very broke.

So this week we will be catching up on some...
"stuff that's not that much fun"

For example, today we're doing laundry.
And cleaning up a little.
And going to the gym.

Tomorrow we're doing more laundry...
cleaning up some more...
and going to the gym...

We currently live a VERY exciting life ;)


In other news... 
{ok so maybe i have more to say than i thought}

I had a little baby breakdown the other day.
Tom asked me what i wanted for dinner and I burst into tears.
Total girl move.

I was feeling lots of emotions all at once.

It started that morning when i was reading about
ways to get your significant other from their country
to your country so that they can not only stay there for a while
but also work while they are there...

Work being the main word there.
In order to have any chance of making
our being together longer and more permanent 
then we HAVE to have enough money in the bank.

In my research i found that
the visa process is really expensive and complicated.

work visas
woof :/

It bummed me out.

Tom and I have decided...or at least i think we have...
that the next time we have a long stay together
we both need to be working so we can save money.

So we're going to start looking into that more...
It could involve school, we're not sure yet...
We're hoping to have something planned before i leave in the Summer.

Long distance is a real downer sometimes
but i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

I mean loooook at these faces ;)

It will be an interesting and tough road but we'll make it :)

hope you're all having a great week!!


  1. Solution : get married or at least look into the fiancé visa. Work visa are expensive and take forever. I mean I know you guys are young but if you found the right one, why let them go? I don't mean to put pressure but it's a thought, if you don't want to be apart. Even that takes some time and money. I'm sure you guys will figure out what to do tho. Good luck.

    1. Ohhhh Maria ;) I've looked into the Fiance Visa, I agree it might be cheaper and easier to get than a work visa, but we need to have A LOT of money saved up before marriage comes into play. I wish it was that simple though ;)

  2. are either of you interested in grad school? that's another easy (er) way to get a visa without getting hitched ;-) Just keep trying, eventually you will find a way.

    Another option is to ask family and friends in your respective companies if they know of openings or would be willing to hire him.

    Best of luck, Peter and I were here a year ago. I promise it will work out as it should :) <3

    1. Those are some other great ideas Georgia, I know it will all work out in time, luckily there are lots of options so we should get lucky with at least one of them ;)

    2. I would have suggested grad school too if you were interesting in getting more education after graduation from college. And if I'm not completely mistaken then going to grad school in Great Britain instead of the US would even save you money because it's cheaper there. Or come to Germany and get it for (almost) free ;-)
      I wish you all the best and will pray for you that you'll find a solution that will make you happy and not keep you apart for long periods of time :)

  3. My unsolicited advice...

    Have a secret, small courthouse/registers office wedding! If you guys want to be together, it's probably the easiest option in terms of being able to work and stuff. If you do a k-1 (fiance) visa, it still takes a while to get work authorization (3 months in our case). It's best to get married over there and then do a K-3, that way he can work right away when he gets his visa to come over. Then, after you're settled you can have a big wedding down the line. I know three different couples who did it like this. Of course, this is if you plan on being in the U.S. I don't know much about it the other way. We did long distance for 2 years (London to Arizona) and then did a K-1 to get him over here. Got married in a quick, small wedding a week later and the rest is history. Unless you actually want to go back to school, in the long run it's going to be more expensive with student loans and what not than getting married. Just my two cents! For us, we knew we were going to get married within the first year of dating. Would we have waited longer if circumstance were different? Probably, we were only 23, however, the circumstances were what they were and we wanted to be together more than anything. An elaborate wedding was not important to us, yet we still ended up with a beautiful day and lots of beautiful pictures. Not to mention a nice little nest egg from all the money we saved by not having a big wedding!

    1. haha you know, I think we probably will still have something small when the time comes. I like the idea of saving money haha that's a big big thing right now!! :)

  4. Just so you know- if your are going down the marriage or fiancé route in the UK for Tom to sponsor you he must make £18600 per year or have savings of about £64000. (His family can't sponsor you for him) Whereas if he came to America as fiancé/spouse if you didn't make he income cut off, your parents/family can sponsor your foreign parter for you.

    1. Oy! America looks better and better every day ;) hahaha

  5. If the most important part is staying together (and it doesn't matter where), a dirt cheap option for you guys is to live in a 3rd country and get working holiday visas. Currently New Zealand and Australia are the easiest for Americans and they will allow you to work. I have done both, so let me know if you have any questions!
    Good luck!

    1. Can you email me, because i'd LOVE to hear more about your experience!! hopelesswanderings@gmail.com :) Thanks Rebecca!!