Thursday, February 20, 2014

On Wednesdays we....go to the movies!!

Every Wednesday there is a pretty magical
thing that happens in town.

It's called orange Wednesday.
And it means buy one get one free
movie tickets and buy one get one free
pizza at pizza express.

And since we're trying to be good and save our money
we have decided that for the next few weeks
Orange Wednesday would be our 
weekly splurge until we've saved up a bit more ;)

So Tom and I headed to town yesterday
for dinner and a movie.

We had some seriously yummy pizza at pizza express
and then went to see Monuments Men.

It was a pretty good film.
I thought it was lacking a bit
but overall we both really liked it.

As is customary, Tom and I snuck snacks into
the movies because I'm not paying for theater snacks.

We had two diet cokes, some Pringles, our own store bought popcorn
and we also had some delicious green grapes.
Basically the most random snacks ever.

We made up a story about how we got the grapes in the movie theater.
There were these grape men selling grapes in the lobby...
their name's were Mark and Spencer ;)

Before the movie starts there is this game that comes on the screen
that links up to the theater app on your iphone.

You answer movie questions and then at the end
if you got them all right then you win a free large popcorn.

And of course we got them all right.
So now we've got a nice free popcorn to look forward to next week ;)

We skipped a workout yesterday so we're headed to the gym tonight!!

Hope you're al having a good week.


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