Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Trainer Tom

Soooooo we joined a Gym.
I never really thought we'd join a gym while I was here,
but hey, i think it's great, and it feels great too!

It was pretty cheap.
£15 a month/no contract.

The gym is really nice.
It has views over looking Albert Dock.
Which is great for when you feel like you're dying,
because you can just look out the big windows and smile.
And then go back to dying.

We're both really excited about this place.
It's right by Tom's work so it's easy
for me to go to town and meet him after
he's done with work for a little more work/out.

Our first day at the gym was a little awkward.
Having to get used to a new place while all of these
really fit people including really scary looking trainers walk around.

To get into the gym you have to enter this little pod.
You input your code and one side of the door opens.
Then it closes around you and you're literally standing in this
futuristic looking pod until the other side opens up.

There is three levels to the gym and each level has
the same breathtaking view of the town.

I'm so glad we joined a gym because
we're going to feel so much better because of it.
And it's just a pretty cool place to workout.

Except for this one section on the second floor.
Tom and I walked around this corner and it was this room
that was full of strength machines and big muscly men.

We turned around and I stated that I didn't like that room.
Tom said it scared him ;)

Now let's just talk about Tom for a second.
He gets a little intense while we work out.
He's like my unofficial trainer.

"Pedal, don't stop PEDALING"
"Don't let the weight hit the bar"
blah dee blah dee blaahhh

Sometimes i just want to punch him...
because i love know...
It's all out of love ;)

The gym as a whole is great.
We are loving it and i'm loving that
it gives me another place to go when 
Tom is in work ;)

We're off to the movies tonight.
It's Orange Wednesday.

Buy one get one free movie ticket
and buy one get one free pizza at pizza express ;)
Don't mind if i do!!



  1. haha good luck with the whole work out thing! It is a killer... I imagine it is a little better with a british boy by your side :)

    1. Haha yea it's really not that bad because he's so cute...and British ;)

  2. wait... is Tom your boyfriend? Like romantic sexual boyfriend?
    I always thought you're just friends, but how great that he is actually your real boyfriend!! :)

    1. Hahaha yeaaaa we're a couple ;) I mean I kiss him so I think that means we're a couple ;)