Tuesday, February 18, 2014

London Day 2 | Waterlogue App

The second day we were in London was
a pretty perfect day.

First of all it was Valentines Day!
Which means that we were exxxtraaa mushy.
It was such a fun day, strolling hand in hand through London.

We didn't give each other gifts this year
mostly because we were each others gifts...

We got to spend the day together in person,
what more could we want??

We celebrated the day by taking London by storm.
We didn't see the entire city but we got close.

Let's just say our dogs were barkin' by the end of the day!!
Sooooooooooo much walking...

We woke up Friday morning and headed for Notting Hill.
We saw Portobello road market and had a little snack at 
a cute little place called Talk House in Notting Hill.
It was cute and delicious!!

Then we headed to a little road called Baker Street... You know, Where Sherlock lives!!
We Watch Sherlock on BBC and well...we were geeking out quite a bit!!

It was also raining...like all day long.
Which wasn't surprising....i mean it's London not Sunny LA.
So we broke out the umbrellas and got our shoes and socks sopping wet.
It was worth it ;)

The rest of the day was spent visiting the sites.
We saw Buckingham Palace
Which is also where Tom met his squirrel friend Bucky.
Check out my instagram for that video ;)

Big Ben
Tower Bridge

Westminster (From afar)
Trafalgar Square
Oxford Street
Piccadilly Circus
and more...

We were all over the place.
We had a simple lunch and ate dinner
out at this place called Garfunkel's..

We bought some souvenirs before dinner
and took them into the restaurant with us.
It wasn't until we were about to get off the Underground
to go in for the night that we realized we had left
the souvenirs behind, so we made a trip back 
to the restaurant to claim our gifties.

We were both so tired, getting a little cranky (me)
and ready for bed but we couldn't leave £20 of souvs behind ;)

We rescued the gifts and got a good night sleep 
before heading back to Liverpool Saturday morning.

All in all London was a fabulous trip.
We got to see just about everything we wanted to see.
And we got to do it together which made it even better ;)


Now i'm posting some of the pictures we took
while in London but there's 2 of each picture.

That's because i just found out about this App called
Waterlogue and i'm obsessed.

I'm seriously considering printing out some of these pictures
and framing them because they are just that stunning!


I hope you're all having a great Tuesday!
I'm watching my little P bear today and for the rest of the week.

We also joined a Gym yesterday...so that's happening...
Oh and check out this photo...

It's a polaroid we took that didn't develop till 3 shots later.
It has the two of us...plus another image of me with my other
pictures hand on my shoulder {Thought it was a ghost at first}
and you can faintly see buckingham palace in there...

So strange but pretty hilarious ;)

Have a great day everyone!!


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  1. This post makes me want two things asap: Visiting London again and getting the Waterlogue App on my phone. The latter might be easier to get done so I'll focuse on that for now ;-)
    Glad to see you had such a great time in London and thank you for sharing with all of us!