Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Do these glasses make me look hipster????

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from my parents.
It had lots of yummy and fun goodies in it.

It was so nice to get a little something from home.
I've been over here almost two months now 
and as much as i love it here, i still miss my fam...
and my country gravy...

So it was great to get some things from home.
One of those things was my glasses.

Before I came over in January I went to the eye doctor
and we both realized that my far sightedness was real bad...

I'd be driving and i'd be looking for an exit and i'd miss it 
because i couldn't read the sign till i was right on it...

Real real bad...

So he prescribed me some glasses.
The lady that helped me find them made
sure they complimented the features of my face and
i'm just sayin...she did real good in helping me choose.

I really love them, not just because they are cute
but because i can finally see far away things!!

Now I just need to keep reminding myself that
I can't openly stare at people because 
i'm not wearing sunglasses but real glasses...
Come on Emily!!!

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  1. You look so cute! :) I have the exact same problem, except I mostly use contacts. Where did you get your glasses from? I love them so much!