Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Here's a story I don't think i've ever shared.
That one time i ruined Tom's surprise present that
he was giving me for Christmas...

I think it was last summer when Tom was in America
that I told him of my love for old Polaroid cameras.

They are so cool, I wish we had kept ours that
we had waayyy back in the 90's..

I told Tom that I wanted one, that I have been searching for one.
I never thought he would hold onto to that convo
and actually act on it..

So a few months later...
Tom is in England and I'm in Texas.
I'm on my way to my PawPaw and Tish's house
to help them clean out the attic...

When in reality my mom helped and I skyped Tom..

Anyways on our way there I asked my mom
if she thought PawPaw had kept any old Polaroid cameras?
She thought that he might have, and I started getting real excited!

We got to their house and PawPaw said he did have a couple.
So as they were working through the Attic they 
found two Polaroids in great condition.

I was skyping Tom when PawPaw brought them over to me.
I was SO excited that I threw them up in the air and showed Tom immediately.

His face...was horrified.
It was like a smile suppressing a sigh.

I started giggling, then he started giggling...
uncontrollably I might add...

I asked him what was up and he said nothing.
Then the news broke that he bought me a Polaroid for
Christmas and it was going to be this big surprise...
And I had ruined it..

But it was ok because Tom is REALLY bad at keeping secrets
so he was happy the cat was out of the bag.

Plus now we had three to play with instead of just one.
It was kind of a win win situation.

So on Sunday we bought film for each camera.
It came in yesterday and we've been
having so much fun getting into these cameras.

We took a picture on each camera to test it to see if it worked.
We already knew the middle camera would work because we've
been using that one since Christmas...That's the one Tom bought.

The other two we had no idea if they would work or not.
The one on the left is a Land Camera and it gave us the worst picture
of the three, and the one on the right is a One Step 600 and it
gave us a really good shot of little buster...(the pup)

Polaroids themselves are not expensive, especially the older versions...
But you might go bankrupt buying the film.

Polaroid doesn't make the film for the older cameras anymore.
This company called "Impossible Project" makes it.

You should all check and see if your parents
or grandparents have any of these cameras up in attics
or in closets or anywhere in the house.

Because they are just as cool/cooler than 
they were 20 years ago ;)


  1. LOVE IT! Tom still wins best boyfriend ever award, in spite of spilling the beans :) where did he buy your camera from? My brother got me a vintage one for my birthday, but it appears to have a light leak, unfortunately and doesn't really work :-/

    1. Haha yea he does ;) he bought it on Ebay :) and it works really well, it's a newer one, probably late 90s. They are really pretty cheap on ebay. :)