Thursday, March 6, 2014

One year & 4 months

Tom said that since we have known each other
for one year and four months that we can basically
say we've known each other for a year and a half.

A year in a half just sounds cooler...

When this started last November
neither of us knew that it would lead
to spending 7 months apart before we even met.
Or that we'd spend a few weeks together during the summer.
Or that I'd spend Thanksgiving with him and then spend
five months living with him and his family.

When you take a look back at everything that
we've done together, it's all pretty fantastic.

I love reminiscing on our story.

That moment when we first started talking.
That moment when we realized texting was possible.
That moment when we made travel arrangements.
That moment when he said "I love you".
That moment when I said it back.
That moment when he got here.
That moment when we got to really explore
what 'love' really real life.
That moment when we went on adventures.
That moment when he had to leave.
That moment when he booked another ticket {for me}.
That moment when I met his family.
That moment when we made a 5 month plan.
That moment when I moved in.
This moment.

We're both so happy in this moment.
Getting to spend time together is all we ever wanted and now 
we're getting to do exactly that.

A year ago I wrote this on my blog.
"Never have i ever met someone who makes me feel this comfortable, 
I'm an awkward girl, its in my blood..i can't help it
and that's kind of hindered me in past relationships,
but Tom makes me feel like i can snort when i laugh in front of him...
that's kind of a big deal!!!"

Let's just say the comfortability level has risen,
as well as the love level ;)

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