Monday, March 10, 2014

Two months in the UK

It feels like yesterday that I was writing about
my first month here in the UK...

And now here we are on month number two.
Tomorrow I'll be into month number three.

Crazzzzyyyy how time flies.
This past month has been AMAZING!

We went to London.
I bought a bus pass (super exciting)
We joined a Gym (and we've worked out almost every day)
We went to an amusement park (post tomorrow)
AND it's finally starting to warm up!!!

This warm weather and sunshine is making me so happy.
However I think i've had it better here than most of my people
back home in Texas where they've had a little too
much winter weather lately. 

But I think sunshine and warm weather
is starting to creep up all over the place.
Thank gooooodness!!!

So two months down and three to go.
I hope they go by slooowww because i'm 
enjoying my time with Tom so much!!!

A few things that may or may not take place this month...
A trip to Florence, Italy.
There is an amazing deal on Groupon at the moment
for three days in Florence plus flights AND a SEGWAY tour for £180.

I mean hello...

So that's a possibility depending on Tom's work schedule.

Also happening this month is renewing bus pass and gym memberships...
Nerdy excitement!!

I'm sure whatever happens over the next month
it will be great, I just hope we go to Florence ;)

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