Monday, March 31, 2014

Hopeful Happenings

This past weekend has been picture perfect.
We've had some seriously great weather,
low 60's, Holllllaaaa!!!

We took advantage of a sunny Saturday and decided 
to go to town and walk around.

We normally stick to one part of town but we
decided to walk to a different area and explore some.

It was well worth it because we found a few new restaurants to try
and we stumbled upon a bombed out Church.

The Church, St. Lukes, was bombed by the Germans in WW2.
The entire center of the Church was missing including all of the
stained glass windows that once graced the walls.

Sunday was Mothers Day here in the UK.
I'm not completely sure why it's on a different day
than the rest of the world but I heard it has something to 
do with the Church of England.

Sunday was another amazing day outside.
Sunglasses were needed and jackets were left home.
I mean where am I, Death Valley???

It was so nice.
We did a little gift giving that morning, 
we got Tom's mum some smelly good stuff and flowers.
Chrysanthemums because it was mums day!
We prided ourselves on that gift ;)

We all hopped into two cars and headed out for the afternoon.
We ended up at this place called Haigh Hall.

All I know about this place is that it's beautiful
and there's Crazy golf [which we played]

 Tom's mum and dad and buster and minnie :)

It was such a good day.
I was happy to see a little more of the area
than just going to town on the bus.

I got to see a whole new area and it's inspired
Tom and I to go to more of these places over the next few weeks.

We kept on exploring today while we were in town.
We ate at a cute little cafe, went into some charity shops, got some ice cream.

Then we decided to go check out the Liverpool Library.
I'm so so glad we went to the library because
it is absolutely the COOLEST library i've ever been to.

I think i'll find myself in there quite often now that we've found it
especially when Tom is in work and I'm waiting on him.

I should probably mention that the Library is stunning
which of course you can already see but most of it is modern
from a little/HUGE revamp they did a few years ago.

There is one room though, the one pictured above that
is just so incredible, I'm not sure i'd get any reading done in there,
I'm more likely to get a sore neck from looking all around me and at the ceiling ;)

It's been so nice this weekend
and now we've got a pretty solid week ahead.

It's April first tomorrow.
Someone sloooww the clock down!! :)

Have a great week!

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