Friday, March 28, 2014


I hope that I'm not starting this countdown in vain
because we haven't exactly booked anything yet.

We won't be able to until we get the go ahead from
Tom's work people which could happen any day now.

But I'll just start it now because i'm SO excited!!
We will [hopefully] be galavanting through the tuscan hills of Italia this time next month!!

A trip that will hopefully last around 5 days.
Where we will most likely be seeing the following.

Leaning tower of Pisa [total tourist thing but it's to close not to see]

Cinque Terre is also on the list of places.
I've wanted to go to Cinque Terre for a long time
so i'm excited that we'll be close enough to get there for a day trip.

And the majority of our time will be spent roaming the streets of Florence.

This will probably be the last bigger trip we take.
It's going to be so so nice, I really can't wait!!


  1. Sounds fun. Florence is such a breathtaking city. Be sure to check out the leather vendors, the shoulder bags are really pretty :)

  2. I visited the Cinque Terre with my boyfriend in October and it was the most amazaing experience I've had! Such beautiful and unique towns. Be sure to stop in Monterosso and get some focaccia bread and pesto. It's also a very easy day trip from Florence; we left around 7am and got back around 10pm and were able to hike from Monterosso to Vernazza (my favorite) and take a train to Riomaggiore as well. Definitely make time for this magical place!