Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Bizz [so much better with double z's]

When I started College in 2009
I knew I wanted to be an interior designer.
I had spent just about every previous summer
re-decorating my already perfectly decorated room.

Actually that's a lie.
I look back and while I had good intentions
most of my room redo's ended up looking terrible.
I see it now, I didn't see it then.
(purple stripes, writing quotes on the walls)

So after sitting through a lecture about interior design
I remembered suddenly that I HATE math and measurements.

So that career lasted oh about 15 minutes.

My freshman year in College I decided I had a love for photography.
So I was like, oh hey lets take a class on Photography.
Cool class, but totally a wasted credit.
Because I was not meant to be a photographer.
I can take a nice picture, but I was not
fond of learning about aperture and lenses
and cameras and ways to print and blah blah blah.

That same semester I also took an advertising class.
It was interesting, I liked it but I didn't want to be a professional advertiser.
No way, Jose!!

Also I'm an ENFP...if you know what that is then this post
totalllyyy makes sense to you ;)

Then a few weeks into school this thing called
the cupcake craze really took off.

And I was so into it!
That was the moment that I knew I wanted to own my own bakery.
Owning my own bakery seemed like a grand idea.
Except that I just wasn't that keen on cooking.
Cooking or baking.

I wanted the business.
I wanted the cute store front
with pretty distressed wooden tables
and different chairs accompanying those tables.
I wanted the smell of cupcakes and BREAD
to waft through the streets and lead everyone to my bakery.
I wanted a business, not a bakery.

I wanted to hire people to bake, and I wanted
to do the rest, like make it beautiful and make people love it.
I obviously didn't know much about owning a business back then.

Hey Emily, there's this thing called accounting and finance.
It's not all pretty store fronts and yummy smells.

Remember how I loathed math in Interior Design.
Well there is WAY more math to be found in Business.
A scary amount of math, enough to bring tears.

But I was SO set on having a bakery that
I signed on the dotted line and sold my soul
to this place called COBA!

College of Business Administration.

It was, to this day, the best school decision I ever made.

I have a business brain and heart.
I am so glad I majored in Business Management
because it gave me so much amazing information
on working in the business world and or owning my own business.

I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit.
If I could get paid to just sit around and create
business ideas all day then I'd be so rich!!
And it would be awesome!

I am so inspired by some of the amazing ideas
that I'm seeing on a daily basis of people
who have come up with a niche and
acted on it and turned it into a thriving company.

I know starting a business is hard work but once
you get everything lined up and ready to go
it is just so exciting to see how people
take in your ideas.

Here's a mid post pep talk for anyone
who wants to start a biz!!

Now, let us continue...

I'm working on something right now.
Something I've been working on for a few months.
I most definitely do NOT have it all pulled together
and probably won't for some time but it is so exciting
because I personally think it's a really fun idea
and no one that I know of is doing it to the
level that I'm wanting to do it.

It's probably one of my better ideas.
I just need to get it pulled together.

Tom has been helping me with it
and he's really amazing and supportive
and even better he's totally good at playing
devil's advocate which I really need
to make sure that every decision we make
about this bizzz is well thought out. 

You know those people who try out for singing
competitions and are terrible but no one told them they
were absolutely awful singers??

I'm not going on a singing competition or anything
but it's the same thing, if I tell you an idea I need
you to tell me if it's sooooo bad or be honest and
tell me it has potential but I need to work out some
kinks before I take it any further.

I like honesty, it leads to less embarrassment later on. 

However, in this case, it's a good idea!
Great even, would spectacular be taking it to far??
Hmmm, I don't think so ;)

I won't be spilling much about this venture on here.
I don't want to say something and get hopes up and then
it crashes and burns in a fiery explosion of failure.
Ya know what i mean??

Anyways...this was a long post
but i'm just sitting here on my mac writing up
some business plans and well i'm excited!!

I hope you are all having a great day!


  1. If this business idea has anything to do with the business idea you mentioned a while ago then I'd say go for it it's a brilliant idea!!! Whatever it is I wish you all the best. I'm also majoring in (international) business management and can definitely relate to the excitement ;-) Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. I love that you quote yoda for motivation, and I hope your idea develops into a solid business plan for you (:

  3. I stumbled apon your blog by accident on pinterest and i have to say it was a happy accident. I absolutely love your story! You are living a dream, If only I could figure out how to work and travel the world oh and throw in a handsome brit I would be in!!! I am looking forwward to more posts! :)