Friday, April 4, 2014

A year and a half with Tom

Ask us how long we've been a couple
and we'll tell you a year and a half.

Ask us how many days we've spent together as a couple
and we'll say 547.5 days.

Ask us how many days we've spent together
in person not via a computer or a phone and we'll say
that we've spent 125 days together without the use of
any type of connection other than hand holding.

Sparks flew so quickly between us
that we trace our relationship back to day one.

It was a simple email, hi's and hello's and how are you's
and questions as to who the other person was.
Nothing really romantic but in an instant a
friendship was born that was unlike any other.

Soon after we realized we'd stumbled upon something
more powerful than either of us had expected we embarked
on an adventure that would take us both to places
we had never been before.

Literal places like Texas for Tom and Liverpool for me,
and more emotional places like being so in love with someone and 
not wanting to be away from them ever.

Tom makes me laugh every single day
whether we're together or apart, he always makes
sure there is a giant smile on my face.

He thinks it's so funny when he makes me laugh
and my laugh turns into high pitched giggles that I can't control.
Then he gives me a big hug and tells me how much he loves my laugh.

He's the sweetest in so many ways.
He can sense if I'm a little sad or homesick
and he does everything he can to make
me feel better, whether it's curl up with
an animated movie or take me out for
some American cuisine.

We high five when we're excited
and we are rarely seen not holding hands.
We are found laughing most of the time
or being sarcastic with each other which
turns into laughter eventually.
We do the fresh prince hand shake between 
Will and Jazz except after we slap hands
and do the 'psshhh' we kiss because we're
allowed to change up legendary handshakes.

We're quirky, awkward and hilarious
and it makes me so happy to have found someone
that let's me be me in so many ways!!

A year and a half with my guy makes
my heart flutter a million flutters ;)

Alright, enough sap for one day ;)

P.S. Go listen to 'Lost in my mind' by The head and the heart.
It's been on repeat all morning :)


  1. Happy year and a half! Y'all are the absolute cutest! So happy for the two of you. Y'all both deserve love. I'm so obsessed with that song! It's so pretty. The Head and the Heart are amazing.