Saturday, May 17, 2014

bedroom makeover

Ah the bedroom makeover...
I do this at least once a year.
It's a real problem that I have but as i've grown
my taste has just changed so much.

I finally feel like I know what i want my space to look like.
So to continue on with posts about redecorating
I'll show you some of my ideas for my bedroom.

I've got about 1,000 duvet covers and bedspreads.
Some from pottery barn, some are anthro hacks that my mom made for me.
So I have loads, I really need to donate them.
Not the mom one, don't worry momma.

I am loving this one from H&M home.

I'm also totally in lovvveee with this pillow from Ikea.

Pillows are so fun, I think i'll grab these Ikea one's and add
some color in there with a bright solid pillow to bring in accents.

The only other thing is a bed frame.
I don't actually have one, my bed just sits on a base
and I have a sticker decal on my wall as a headboard..
I think I'd like to dress it up a bit more than that.

I like this one from Ikea but i'd want to paint it white.

Or this one is cheaper, plus I think I could get my dad
to attach a board to the back of the headboard so it's solid without the gaps.
Then....paint it white.

I like those specifically because they aren't big and bulky.
Simple and smaller but still a full bed frame.
They're both pretty perfect.

That pretty much covers the bedroom.
The only other thing I would think about are curtains.
I have plenty of those too but nothing really matches my current adult state ;)

So i'll have to look into those as well...

I think i'm going to be selling lots of things on ebay and
giving lots of stuff away to goodwill.
Or maybe i'll have an instagram sale?

I'll figure something out.
Hope you're all having a great weekend!


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  1. I love that pillow as well. I think the geometrical patterns make it look really cool and edgy. Nice bed choices, by the way. Though, if it were me, I would prefer the first one. I think it’s very organic and would fit any room’s design. Anyway, good luck on your choices. :D

    Roberta Fox @ Mattress Glendale