Friday, May 16, 2014

I'll use my money elsewhere, thank you!! [ Student Loans ]

You remember that one time [or multiple times] in college
where you had to go to the financial aid office and talk to the
financial aid people and your stomach was in knots knowing what
was about to go down in that small office filled with cat figurines.
[ok, personal experience]

But we've all been there, or at least most of us have been there.
Applying for student loans because College is pricey
and we all need that degree and we're willing to be given
money now so we can pay for it later.

Well in theory that's just dandy because
at the time, while in school, you really don't feel
the repercussions of signing your life away.

You're carefree, it's been handled, for now.

ring ring..ring ring..
Debt's a callin' and it's for you!!

Student loan's are weird.
They're good and evil all at the same time.

I for one am very thankful I was able to get a little help
during college because my personal loan went towards my Paris trip.

So thank you for that.

But now that i've graduated and my Paris trip is over
I'm having to pay a couple thousand dollars + interest for things
that really don't matter at all anymore because i'm not partaking in those things.

Plus, not that i know personally, but i've heard rumors that
the job markets suck and all of us post grads are stumbling around
trying to find some work mostly so we can start paying off those debts.

We're not finding jobs to finally start living life
we're finding jobs to pay off college.

That's the part that really stinks.

But I get it, I was given money and it's my duty to repay.
I get that, even if it pains me to pay for the past, i totally get it.

You helped me out and now it's time to pay it back.
And I will, but i'll do it in my own way.

It pains me to think that a hard earned paycheck 
would have to go straight to my debt.

I don't want to pay off my debt with my own money.
But i'll sure do it with someone else's.

Say Whaatttt??

I was reading through some blogs the other day
when I came across Mish Lovin' Life.

She was talking about student loans and as I read on
she informed me that there was another way to pay.

YES! Please, anything but my own money will work.
The program is called Gradsavers.

Here's how it works.

You sign up and complete online tasks for businesses and earn loan credits as payment.
The online tasks are anything from tweeting for businesses to posting FB comments for businesses.
There's also options to write blogs and articles, make lists and post to craigslist and ebay.

You're basically just advertising for businesses who are working with gradsavers.

Each task you complete you're given loan creds.
You can earn anything from 10 creds to 500 creds.

The amount of money you earn is based on points.
10 points = $1
500 points = $50

The 500 point options are a little bit more complicated
as you have to reach out to businesses and get them to use gradsavers.

So it's a weird circle of advertising that in the end helps you put a dent in your loans.

Once you have $10 worth of creds, or 100 creds
you can set up your account to link with your loan provider
and you can put down how much you want to pay back
and gradsavers will pay that amount towards your loan.

You don't have to do it at $10, you can wait till you have your monthly bill
saved up and then just make enough on here per month to pay for that.

The only downside i can see is it's a first come first serve system.
If you login chances are all of the jobs could be taken or maybe they're still available.

You just have to keep checking back and once you find some available tasks
just do those and come back later and check again.

You won't make thousands in one sitting.

I joined yesterday and played on the site for about an hour in total
and i've made $37 towards my loans so far.

I did some fb posting, tweeting and wrote two short blog posts.
$37 bucks for my time, yes please!!

I love this program because you're getting to use your time
and your brain to pay back loans instead of your hard earned cash.

So far I love it, and i plan on doing it occasionally just to keep my creds coming in
steadily so when it's time for me to make my first payment I will
have made enough to cover it.

If you're interested in joining you can use me as a referral.
Just go to this link and it should set you up!



  1. I'm currently going through the woes of student loans right now, so this side recommendation is great! Also a previous temporary expat turning into a permanent expat in the UK, so we're in similar boats!

    Great blog - very cute couple! xx

    Caity at Adventures Abroad Blog

    1. Good luck with everything from loans to being an expat :) sounds like you and I are quite similar :)

  2. Thank you so much for this post!!!! I cannot wait to start!!!

    1. Oh girl I hope it helps you out :) I've made $50 since writing this post :)