Thursday, May 15, 2014

Office Space - Redecorating

So it's looking like a lot of my time this summer
will be spent working behind my laptop.

This is good, it means i'll be working in my pj's
from the comfort of my home and hopefully making some money.

That's the dream job right there.

So since I'll be finding myself working in my own space
i've got to start thinking about how I want it to look.

I want it to be clean and organized and pretty.
This means crisp whites and fresh flowers.
Maybe a gallery wall of prints and photos??

I have a desk that was once my older sisters makeup table.
I painted it green which sounds terrible but it actually came out to be really nice.

I'm thinking about storing this one in the guest bedroom and getting a new one.
I don't want to spend a lot of money on a desk and I don't want it to be bulky.

I found this one online from Target.
It's fairly cheap for a desk and I'm going to spray paint the legs gold.

I also found this one in Ikea for less than $40!!
Same idea, spray paint legs gold.

I'm also really liking this clear chair from Ikea.

But i'm not really sure what i'll do about a chair.
I desperately need one because my current desk chair is 
a bench from least I think it's from the 80's, could be 70's...

My room is currently a grey color.
It really didn't come out the way I wish it had.

I'm thinking about repainting it white and 
then maybe having a blush colored accent wall where my desk will sit.
Not sure about that either...

If I did have a blushy pinky wall then I could
add one of these pretty pretty tassels to it and it would just be SO good!!!

[All Tassels from Blush Bazzaar]

Here's a few smaller items that may grace my desk once I get it assembled.
I'm loving this book end from Ikea.

[Ikea Book end]

This clock from Anthro.

Oh and this book from Anthro should probably come too...

[Anthro book]

And finally a little coffee mug for some pens and pencils.
I don't drink coffee so what else am I to do with a pretty mug ;)

[Anthro mug]

Here's a few more office space inspirations!!

Oy! I don't even know...
I just really want a clean office space
with some pretty Peonies dressing the space up.

I'm not too complicated I just want it to be pretty.
And I don't want to spend very much.

Budget of $150?
Is it possible?
We'll find out...

All I know is that there will be fresh flowers.
I've got a bit of a flower obsession as of late and it's
weird because I have bad allergies all of the time which
always made me kind of hate flowers...

But I'm now in love with them
so that will be something I'll splurge on regularly.

I would say I can't wait to start on this project but I can
because i'm not ready to leave England yet ;)

But once i'm home it will be nice to have some projects like this one
to work on to keep my mind off the fact that I can't kiss my boo thang for a few months...



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  1. I like the look of the green office desk. You did a great job in painting it. Anyway, I think you're taking the right direction in re-decorating your office. Your furniture inspirations all look great and very post-modern in style, which is chic and fab. Just don't forget about comfort when choosing an office chair. It should be ergonomically designed as well. I hope everything has gone well. Thanks for sharing!

    Hubert Cole @ PearCom