Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Where to next??

It feels weird calling this a long distance relationship
when we've not been 'long distance' for a few months now.

The distance between Tomily is going to change pretty dramatically 
in a months time, so what's next for us??

Well as i've previously stated we won't be together
for the summer months but we'll both be working to save money
for the months following the summer months...

So far so good on those plans.

The Caribbean in August is the next time
i'll see Tom and his family.

 So that's almost three months of separation
which also means three months of skype dates.

It's like we're going back to the basics once again.
However this time it will be significantly harder to skype
when we've both become so accustomed to being with each other.

bleh...I don't want to skype but i'm happy we have the ability to.

Tom will hopefully (fingers crossed) be coming to Texas in the fall
if everything works out the way we hope it does.

He is only able to stay for 3 months without a visa
so if he can find a way to forego working for a little bit
then we'll have a Tom in the USofA for a little while.

Which is so stinking exciting!!

1. "But won't Tom go stir crazy in Texas since public transport,
like buses, are no where to be found??"

Tom has a personal chauffeur, her name is me, and my trusty steed of a car, Borris.

2. "And won't you have a job so you have to leave him alone
for hours at a time?? He'll be so bored"

I think, if all goes as planned, i'll be working from home, whether it's Etsy
or another personal business endeavor that i'm currently working on, or both.

Tom in Texas is where we currently are in our planning.
We don't know what will happen after that but we've got loads of planning time
between now and decision time.

I'm seeing lots of girls my age planning their wedding's
and talking about how stressful it is.

I'm not planning a wedding but I feel like i'll
be a professional when the time comes because
all of this long distance relationship planning 
has turned me into a logistical genius.

Plus my wedding is going to be small and stylish
so i'm like "bring it on" I'd love to be married because having to plan to see
the person you l-o-v-e is capital D-Difficult.

We like taking things one step at a time here in Tomily land
and you know it's working out pretty well so far
so we're just going to keep doing that and see
where it takes us.

It's a good thing we're adventurous folk ;)

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