Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Co-Habitation - The Family

There's a new show on MTV called Sleeping with the parents.
The only reason I know this is because Tom and I are addicted to the show Catfish.
I know, I know...

Anyways it's a show about how a couple lives with one
set of the parents in hopes to make the parents like the girl or boy
that their son or daughter is dating.

But just like any MTV show there is DRAAMMAA
and lots of screaming, fighting and annoying shenanigans.
It's a terrible show, I don't advise watching it.

Thankfully that's not how my experience is going.

Tom lives at home with his Mum, Dad, Grandad, and his little sister Holly.
The house is also often visited by his Older sister Jenny, her Fiance Andy and their little baby P.

So when I came over last November I knew I was 
going to be staying in a busy household.

I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a bit scary to think about
living in the same house with this new family that I had
only met a few times over skype.

When I landed in Manchester in November the first person I saw
when I got past customs was Tom.

The second person I saw was Billy Tom's Grandad.
He had driven to the airport to pick me up and right then
I felt very at ease, like a part of the family.

That night I met the whole family.
They were all so welcoming and nice and
it felt so perfect and easy.

Fast forward to the present day and this is my second family.
I get along with everyone so well, which isn't all that crazy
because i'm really easy going and nice 
and I rarely don't get along with people.

One of the more recent conversations around here
is how weird it will be when I'm gone.

I think I'm going to leave a hole when I leave, 
not just for Tom but also for his family.

I'm not just talking big about myself here ;)
I'm going to miss all of them as much as they'll miss me.

I'm definitely going to miss the roast dinners that Tom's mum makes.
Those roast potatoes and gravy...holy cow...
I could down like a thousand of those.

And I'll miss sitting outside in the nice warm air for a barbecue dinner
with the family and Paula and Steve our cool neighbors!!
[I can still do that at home but it will be scorching out]

I'll miss blaming my misteps on the fact that i'm American...
I'll miss their cute house, their cute garden, their cute faces!!

I'll miss the family as a whole.

When I got here they let me know I was welcome.
I knew I'd feel welcome and to be honest I knew I'd feel loved too.

But the level of love i've felt from a family that didn't know me
a year ago is just incredible to say the least.

When my Grandpa passed away it was really hard for me
to be away from my family.

I remember Tom's mum coming up and giving me a big mom hug
and I just remember crying as if I was hugging my own momma.

I've really built a connection with this family
and it's made this time here incredible.

This would, however, not be what it has been
without Tom's parents letting me stay here.

That must have been as weird for them as it was for me.

"Oh hey, I'm your son's girlfriend from America, mind if I crash here for a few months?? Eh?"

Luckily they didn't mind, and it's been such a fun experience.

I feel like some people have the wrong idea about living at home
and the wrong idea about how to live amongst the other persons parents.

Living at home, especially when you're young and it's your best option
can be one of the best decisions you make as a young adult.

Freedom from being under your parents roof costs loads of money.
And Tom and I are in no position to be spending money elsewhere.

So it's really great that we both still live with the Fam.
This gives us a really cool opportunity that most people don't get.

I get to live with his parents and he's going to get to live with mine.
We are getting an opportunity to really fall in love with our families
while we fall in love with each other.

Family is the backbone to any relationship and I'm
so happy that we are both getting some serious time with each side.

In the few months I've been in England I've really
grown to love each and every one of Tom's family members.
They have made this time with Tom possible by
opening up their home to me.

Hospitality is an incredible gift to give anyone.
I feel very fortunate that I have been able to Co-habitate
with this amazing family for the past few months.

I probably won't go around telling everyone to live with the In-Laws
because I don't think it works the same for everyone ;)
But for us it's been an absolute dream.

I am so excited to give Tom that same hospitality
when he comes back to Texas later this year.

So the second reason I love being here in England is Tom's Family.


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