Tuesday, May 20, 2014


If I had to pick my most favorite thing about the UK
it would have to be my 6foot4inch stud crumpet Tom.

I'd pick him over a bridge or clock tower any day.

I think it was about a year ago that we started talking
about this year and how our time would be spent.

At that point in time Tom was in Texas and we knew our connection was real,
so from that moment that we had some serious planning to do.

It's pretty funny to think about
because we went from spending a few weeks together last year
to spending a few months together this year.

Tom went from random guy I met online
to being my best friend in that first month of talking.

That's talking and skyping.
By that time I had seen him face to face
and so I let myself trust in the experience a lot more
than if I hadn't seen him at all.

So he was someone I really trusted
and someone I felt very comfortable with.

Fast forward 3 months later and my best friend
who I had major major crushy feelings for was now
the owner of a ticket to Texas.

Fast forward another month and we are both fully aware
of our feelings for one another, and fully aware that we've
just stumbled upon a gold mine in finding each other this way.

You all know how nervous I was when I first met him.
Almost fainting near the baggage claim waiting for him to come out.

I remember I just kept poking him on the way home
asking him if he was real, if this was real.

Once we got to my house we sat down on the couch
very formally, not cuddly, snuggly but side by side staring
straight out waiting for my parents to get home.

It's funny because you'd think meeting the parents would 
make the both of us so nervous but my parents are
so nice and funny that when they got home I felt more at ease
even though he was still about ready to pass out.

Getting to really know one another in those three weeks
was a crazy crazy experience.

The person you knew so well already via a computer screen
is the same person sitting in front of you.
But it's a totally new situation because it's real.
It's all a bit crazy really.

It was only a week or two after Tom had left Texas
that we both decided to be impatient, impractical and romantic.

We booked my flight to England for November and
started planning my extended stay for this year.

And it's all worked out so incredibly well.

I've been here for almost 5 months now
and I love Tom more today than I did when we
were back in Texas and I felt like my heart was going
to explode out of my chest because of how much I loved him.

He's my guy, my person, my lobster.
Every time I see him I swoon because he's so handsome.
He gives the best forehead kisses and his hand wraps mine with ease.

He makes me think, makes me laugh and 
just makes me happier than I ever knew I could be.

We're a really good pair and I'm glad that we're 
getting to do all of these amazing things together.

He's my favorite thing about England.



  1. This is such a great post, loved reading it. It's really inspiring to think love can happen at any time <3

    1. Love is crazy and you just never know when it's going to sneak up on you :) it's a wonderful thing!!