Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Negotiating gives me hives..

When I was in my last semester of College
I took a class called Negotiations.

In this class our teacher taught us how to
be amazing negotiators.

I must have slept through it or something
because i'm a TERRIBLE negotiator.

In fact just thinking about  having to negotiate
makes me really really nervous.

I'm a people pleaser, if they say $20 I'll say $25...
I don't know why i'm like this but I am.

So yesterday I went by goodwill to drop off some clothing.
As I pulled around the back of the shop I saw
this green velvet old english chair.


At the time I was in my little Honda and there
was no way that chair would fit in my car.

So I left it and didn't anticipate on returning.
Well I told my mom about the chair and she said
if I liked it enough that we could go look at it.

I decide that we need to go back
and so my mom and I head back up to Goodwill.

We go around back and the chair is still there.
We ask the men if it's for sale and they say it's in the trash pile.
They said "you can just have it, it's trash"

So I got all giggly and jumpy and ran over to the chair
gave it a big hug and well I really over did it because
at that moment one of the guys was like "HANG ON"
Awwww snap, what's he up to??

They all run inside and a few minutes later come back out
and tell us that they'll sell the trash chair to us for $20.

Ehhhh?? Whaaattt??

My excitement lit an excitement in them
and they realized that I wanted the chair enough to buy it.
So they got all sneaky on me and took my free trash chair and
charged me $20 for it.

Well this chair was not in perfect condition...
It had a big rip in one of the arms, just the fabric part,
but other than that the rest of the chair was flawless.
So I was like, meh, $20 isn't that bad.

But my mom was like we won't pay more than $10 for it.
Here we gooo...

We had to walk in and talk to a lady in the store about buying it.
Once we got in she had already printed off a $20 tag for the chair.
sneaky sneaky

So then my mom is like can we pay $10?
She was like "naawwww $20 is the best I can do"

So I'm standing there like hey let's do it
but my momma is not having it.

They go back and forth and the lady isn't cracking on her price.
She told us that the chair would get sent to corporate 
and it would be reupholstered and resold again.

However the men outside said trash?
So now i'm just really confused.

She reiterates once more that $20 is the best she can do
and that's when I open my big ol dopey mouth and saaayyyy
"I'd pay $20 for the chair"

My mom looks at me like i've just fed her to the lions...
Sorry mom but all of this back and forth is giving me hives!!

So I give the lady $20 and we go collect my chair.
My mom was not happy with me haha ;)

But i'm really happy because look at this beauty!!!

All I'm saying is once we've reupholstered this gem we
could sell it and get our money back plus some.

So I know I botched the negotiation
but i don't really care all that much because
we payed $20 for a gorgeous chair with so much potential.

I mean these types of chairs cost a small fortune
so I think we've done really well!!

Plus now everyone knows not to bring Emily to a negotiation.
Which is totally fine with me!!