Thursday, August 21, 2014

I love T because | ILTB

Yes, this is a post about love and what makes me love Tom so much.
Mush, gush and all of the in-betweens.

I suggest that you play this fab song while reading this post.
It's so so so so good!!!



-He appreciates my love of snacking
-He will sing at the tip top of his lungs in the car while on a road trip
-He's throwing me a pre-birthday birthday since we'll be gone on my actual birthday
-He believes in me
-He keeps me grounded when some of my ideas are totally crazy
-He wants me to succeed in everything I do
-He will blow me a kiss no matter the circumstance, and he'll also catch them.
(Tom was in the middle of the lake on our giant green turtle floatie
when I blew him a giant kiss from about 300 yards away
He not only received the kiss but he bobbed and weaved 
on that floatie as if following the kisses trail until
it smacked him right on the kisser)
-He has an incredibly kind heart
-He likes to challenge me athletically
-He couldn't imagine being away from me for a few 
months and bought me a plane ticket last November to come see him.
-When he makes wishes they're always about being together
-He's absolutely hilarious but also quite shy in new situations
-He's British and has an an accent ;) duh
-He's always making sure that I'm doing good, that I'm happy
-He appreciates my silly side
-He loves food
-He's worked so hard to make this long distance relationship happen
-He's a gentleman
-He knows good music
-He holds my hand all of the time
-He's cultural
-He loves to travel to new and old places
-He takes me to new places
-He surprises me everyday
-He makes me laugh like no one else
-He is so so nice
-He dances when I dance, even though we are terrible ;)
-He loves adventuring with me
-He loves getting lost with me
-He loves being with me
-He loves me, and I love him

Annnndddd there's so many other reasons I love him
but I think you get the idea ;)

Tom is now taking me for my pre birthday breakfast!!
Hope you are all having a great day!

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  1. Aww, Emily, this is so cute. :) I just wanted to say "Hi" since I have been following your blog for a long time, but I didn't have a blog of my own so I couldn't comment. I like your blog because we have a lot in common- I also live in the DFW area, love to travel, and I know what it's like to have a significant other who is foreign (husband is American, and I'm Russian!) Love, Olya. :)