Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The 4 state road trip

Last Wednesday my family packed up three cars
and headed up to Arkansas to move my little brother
into his first year at College.

I kind of thought I would be more needed since
my brother was going to my alma mater but that wasn't the case.
He settled into College life pretty easily.
A lot easier than I did.

So he was good, didn't really need us
so we took it upon ourselves to get out and about
and turn our weekend into a mini adventure.

While mom and dad stuck around campus
Tom and I went off on our own.

The first day we did actually stick around campus for a bit.
I showed Tom all of the spots where I used to skype him.
We "met" while I was in school so most of our
relationship in the first year happened for me, at my school.
So it was fun to take him around and reminisce a bit.

We then spent the evening in Little Rock
just beebopping around town.

We ate at ZaZa's which might just be the yummiest pizza place on earth.
They also have some serious gelato that would make any Italian proud.

We ended the night at the State Capitol.
We parked illegally in a congressman spot and ran
all over that place taking silly selfies and a jumping around like kids...
We're rebels, what can I say. Ha!

The following day was spent in Heber Springs, AR.
If you live in Arkansas I would highly suggest Heber.
The lake is picturesque and if you're brave there
are even some pretty crazy cliffs to jump from.

Tom was brave I was not.
Actually I've done it before, but once was enough ;)

If you want to see Tom cliff jump just go look on my instagram.

We evvveeennn bought a little/huge turtle floatie from walmart
because I'm a weirdo and i'm a little/totally terrified to swim in lakes
or oceans or rivers or any body of water where my feeties don't touch the ground.
It's a serious fear...I have open water anxiety attacks.
Did I mention we're off to the BIG OCEAN next week? eep..

The following day we drooovvveee for what felt like forever.
We went to Tennessee and Mississippi.
To be fair those states are extremely close ;)

We went to Corky's in Memphis and it was DEVINE!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh man i can't even, it's so freaking good!!

After lunch we headed to Mississippi.

Once in Mississippi we stopped at a Wendy's for a drink.
Walked around on Mississippi soil and then headed back to TN.
OBVIOUSLY we didn't really see what Mississippi had to offer
but Tom did step foot in the state and that's what matters ;)

We drove past Graceland, saw nothing but crazed Elvis fans...
Then found ourselves on Beale street for about an hour.

Let's just say you will find just about every type of person on Beale Street.
It's a very diverse place ;)

We had such a great time on the trip but we're happy to be back in Texas.

You know how they say "travel together as a couple to see if you really love each other"
Ok I don't think that's what they say exactly but it's the same concept.

Tom and I are apparently SO in love and are doing quite well on our adventures.
It's true though, we are SO in love, and road trips where we spend six hours in a car
consist of big laughs, games, good music, windows down and even story time.

Tom is reading a book right now and he read to me on the drive home.
I'm not going to lie, the book was pretty terrible but Toms voice was not.
I hear him talk so often that his accent only phases me occasionally.

But as he was reading I just got to sit there and listen to his voice
and basically have a girly freak out moment because I snagged a British guy. ;)

The trip was perfect, all trips with him are perfect!!

We've only got a few more days before palm trees and crystal clear water become our view.
We leave for the Caribbean on Monday and we'll be there for two whole weeks!!
It's going to be such a blast and It will be so good to see Toms family again!!

This week we've just been chill.
We're a pretty active pair so we've been out playing basketball and tennis quite a bit
but for the most part we're lazing it up big time.

Last night we went to see Dawn of the Planet of the apes.
I mean I've never had a fear of a monkey uprising until now.
Those monkeys, or at least one of them specifically is freaking terrifying.
I was basically in movie theater fetal position the whole time.
Also it was not funny..AT ALL..I didn't laugh once..........
It was a really good movie, but I really needed to have a little
laugh in-between the scary monkey fighting.
So now I'm traumatized for life.

Today we're going to go down to the river for another kayak adventure.
Or mayyybbeee standing paddle board..not sure yet :)

OH and tomorrow is my "Birthday".
It's not really my birthday until September 4th
but since i'll be in the caribbean on my birthday Tom
is treating me to an entire day doing everything that I want to do.
[I mean obviously all I want for my birthday is to be with him and well that's happening so..]
But if he wants to throw in some food and shopping, who am I to say no ;)

Hope you're all having a great week.
I'm going to try really hard to blog more so that future posts
aren't as long as this one ;)

I should also add that this is my 400th post.
Talk about dedication ;)

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